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Gray Gym Suit of Elizabeth Moffatt

Grey wool tight twill weave; light yellow cotton thread; light yellow cotton bias tape finishing arms eye; black metal hook and bar; hand-cut, hand-embroidered, shield-shaped patch applied to yoke; light yellow background with peach VC AA logo; on other side of yoke, black marks applied by hand: BBW. A-line silhouette wide-strapped, sleeveless…

ID#: VC9999003

Location: Special Collections

Navy Blue Wool Gym Suit of M. Constance Wilson

Navy blue wool gymsuit; courtesy of Special Collections, Vassar College Library

ID#: VC9999001

Location: Special Collections

Navy Blue Wool Gymsuit of F. Stager

Navy blue wool gymsuit; courtesy of Special Collections, Vassar College Library

ID#: VC9999002

Location: Special Collections

Gym Uniform Shirt '93'
White1893 gym t-shirt, with "93" on center chest. V-neck style with a straight torso cut. Primarily cotton. Green details on both collar and cuffs, as well as on the center chest. Machine stitching.

ID#: VC2001047

Location: BOX 10

White Shorts with Red Stripe
White gym shorts with red stripes down sides. Four buttons from waist down center front. Seven inch elastic at back waist. Bermuda style, hemmed above the knee. Inside tag reads "James W. Brine, Haberdasher, Cambridge, Mass."

ID#: VC2001045

Location: BOX 10

White Shorts with Blue Stripe
White gym shorts with blue ribbon stripes down sides. Hemmed above the knee, bermuda style. Four buttons down center front from waist. Six inch elastic across back waist.

ID#: VC2001044

Location: BOX 10

1926 Red Gym Suit
1926 red gym suit with black gym shorts. White cotton t-shirt with red trim and sailor style v-neck collar. Red "1926" sewn at chest. Cotton tape tie closure at v-neck. Black shorts with elastic waistband. Hem above the knee, with red stripe down each side.

ID#: VC2001043

Location: BOX 10

Red "1922" Gym Suit
A: Red and white 1992 gym suit; white t-shirt style with red "1992" and pocket at chest; red trim at sleeves; red sailor collar and V-neck;

B: red bloomers with elastic waistband and elastic leg openings; knee length

ID#: VC2001042

Location: BOX 10

1916 Gym Shirt
Women's t-shirt of off-white cotton twill. Yellow cotton collar and cuffs. Straight cut t-shirt with v-neck sailor style collar. Cotton tape closure at center front neck. T-shirt sleeves with 2'' yellow cuff. Five-sided pocket on left chest. Yellow "1916" sewn on center front chest.

ID#: VC2001033

Location: Q6

1926 Gymsuit Ensemble
1926 Gymsuit of Dorothy Reid Kittell VC 26, includes 2 white middy blouses with red trim and 1 pair of black bloomers with a red stripe down the side of each leg

ID#: VC1993002

Location: F7