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Items tagged "baileyFREN348": 8

Cream Petticoat with Lace Trim
cream petticoat with lace trim

ID#: VC2007013

Location: C12

Full Length Bustle Cage (5)
Full length bustle cage of cotton tapes and wire.

ID#: VC2001212

Location: J

Full Length Bustle Cage (4)
Cotton tape and metal bustle cage; 27 metal rings attached to cotton with studs every inch; seven vertical bands of cotton tape; buckle center front waist; very wide weave of cotton tape center bottom; cotton tape has pattern of stripes and diamonds.

ID#: VC2001211

Location: E1

Small Hoop Skirt
small hoop skirt Hoopskirt of 1/8 ifory twill ??? nature hoops held in place by 1 5/8 wide patterned ivory twill

ID#: VC2001210

Location: E1

Corset Cover with Peach Ribbon
white camisole/corset cover with peach ribbon at neck

ID#: VC1992162

Location: D12

Crinoline Hoop Skirt
Hoop skirt of fabric tapes and wire; hoops of watch spring covered with webbing held together with metal tabs

ID#: VC1992157

Location: E1

Teal Taffeta Crinoline Ensemble
Sheer dress trimmed with self ruffles. Elbow length sleeves. Ankle length underskirt with back center panel with large horizontal pleats. Shorter overskirt, open at center back to reveal horizontal pleats on underskirt.; teal taffeta ensemble; green crochet covered small novel buttons; also hook/eye closure (both functional); sloping shoulder…

ID#: VC1992124

Location: E8

Blue and white Stripe Day Ensemble
Blue and white Stripe taffeta Bustle Ensemble, 2 piece, bodice: fitted full length sleeves, skirt: full length with bustle; blue and white striped fine silk; blue silk; natural polished cotton; natural square weave linen; plastic button; beige synthetic hem tape; beige synthetic bias tape. silhouette: bustle A. bodice: princess seamed, striped…

ID#: VC1992007

Location: E10