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Items tagged "baileyFREN348": 8

Cream Petticoat with Lace Trim
cream petticoat with lace trim

ID#: VC2007013

Location: C12

Full Length Bustle Cage (5)
Full length bustle cage of cotton tapes and wire.

ID#: VC2001212

Location: BOX J

Full Length Bustle Cage (4)
Cotton tape and metal bustle cage; 27 metal rings attached to cotton with studs every inch; seven vertical bands of cotton tape; buckle center front waist; very wide weave of cotton tape center bottom; cotton tape has pattern of stripes and diamonds.

ID#: VC2001211

Location: E1

Small Hoop Skirt
small hoop skirt Hoopskirt of 1/8 ifory twill ??? nature hoops held in place by 1 5/8 wide patterned ivory twill

ID#: VC2001210

Location: E1

Corset Cover with Peach Ribbon
white camisole/corset cover with peach ribbon at neck

ID#: VC1992162

Location: D12

Teal Taffeta Crinoline Ensemble
Teal taffeta ensemble (day dress) with dress and matching fichu has ruffles on the shoulders, sleeve hems, and skirt. Hand sewn,

ID#: VC1992124

Location: E8

Blue and white Stripe Day Ensemble
Blue and white Stripe taffeta Bustle Ensemble, 2 piece, bodice: fitted full length sleeves, skirt: full length with bustle

ID#: VC1992007

Location: E10