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Group View of Scarlet Asymmetrical Party Dress, Peach Sleeveless Full Length, Gray Floral Full Length, and Beige Wedding Dress - Shown from Behind
Scarlet asymmetrical party dress (IP2012.012) on the far left, peach sleeveless full length with lace detailing and a tie in the back (IP20120.018) in the center, the sleeve of the gray floral full length (IP2012.003), and behind that, peeking out, is the puffed sleeve of the beige wedding dress (IP2012.001) - shown from the back, mounted in theā€¦

ID#: Generations_DSC02812.JPG


Group View of Light Gray Full Length, Scarlet Asymmetrical Dress, and Peach Sleeveless Full Length from the Back.
Light gray short sleeved full length with a bow-belt (IP2012.020) on the left, Scarlet asymmetrical party dress (IP2012.012) in the middle, and peach sleeveless full length with lace detailing (IP2012.018) on the right - all shown from the back, in the exhibition.

ID#: Generations_DSC02811.JPG