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Items tagged "accessories": 33

Black Silk Shawl with Fringe
black silk shawl with fringe

ID#: VC2007036


Black and Gold T-Strap Sandals
Black T-strap sandals with gold heel, gold trim, and buckle closure.; black and gold heeled shoes (with gold heels) gold buckle with small rhinestones T-strap with criss-cross straps across the toes

ID#: VC2007019

Location: A4

Silver Heels
I. Miller silver heels/shoes; cross over strap; almond-shaped slits over toes. Silver buckles with small rhinestones. ; I. Miller silver heels Cross over straps. Almond-shaped eyelits over toes.

ID#: VC2007011

Location: A3

Lace Collar
Cream colored lace collar; Floral and tulip designs.; lace collar Cream colored lace collar. Floral and tulip designs.

ID#: VC2007010

Location: A3

Black Silk Shawl on Muslin
black lace silk shawl sewn onto muslin

ID#: VC2001260

Location: J2

Black Lace Head Scarf
black lace head scarf

ID#: VC2001259

Location: J2

Cream Lace Jabot
lace cream-colored cravat

ID#: VC2001258

Location: A3

Red Gingham Kerchief
red and white checked kerchief

ID#: VC2001254

Location: Q6

Dark Brown Shawl with Purple Fringe
dark brown (faded black?) small square shawl, black floral embroidery at 2 corners, purple fringe

ID#: VC2001236

Location: J2

Cream Scarf with Knotted Fringe
cream scarf w/knotted fringe at ends

ID#: VC2001235

Location: J2

Cream Scarf with Small Fringe
cream scarf (acetate and rayon?) w/small fringe

ID#: VC2001234

Location: J2

Fawn Shawl with Fringe
cream / fawn shawl, cream floral embroidery, long fringe around edges

ID#: VC2001233

Location: J2

Cream Shawl with Fringe
square cream colored shawl, cream floral embroidery, fringe

ID#: VC2001232

Location: J2

Triangular Black Lace Shawl with Floral Motif
triangular black lace shawl, floral design, scalloped edges

ID#: VC2001231

Location: J2

Square Black Shawl with Lace
square black shawl w/floral embroidery, tiny black beads, lace

ID#: VC2001230

Location: J2

Black Shawl with Fringe and Pom-Pons
black shawl, shaped to shoulders, 4 rows of pom=poms, black fringe

ID#: VC2001229

Location: J2

Square Seafoam Shawl with Fringe
square sea green shawl (silk) with long green fringe on all edges

ID#: VC2001228

Location: J2

Ivory Silk Shawl with Bold Floral Embroidery
ivory silk shawl (piano shawl?), colorful floral embroidery, long fringe

ID#: VC2001227

Location: J2

Black Lace Shawl with Floral Motif
black lace shawl w/floral design and scalloped edges

ID#: VC2001226

Location: J2

Openwork Black Shawl with Pom-Pons
openwork shawl of black velvet pom-poms

ID#: VC2001225

Location: J2

Black Beaded Overshirt
black beaded overshirt

ID#: VC2001224

Location: B5

Black Satin Shoes with Gold Leather

shoes of black satin with gold leather toes and piping

ID#: VC2001219

Location: A4

Maroon Velvet Sash

maroon velvet sash, machine sewing; maroon velvet sash

ID#: VC2001214

Location: A3

Lace Sleeves
lace sleeves

ID#: VC2001208

Location: A3

Leather Box of Collars
leather box of collars

ID#: VC2001200

Location: A3

Seafoam Heels
seafoam green shoes w/heels

ID#: VC2001199

Location: A4

White Leather Gloves
white leather gloves in box

ID#: VC2001198

Location: A3

Dark Blue Velvet Collar with Stylized Embroidery
dark blue velvet collar? embroidered piece - light blue and olive stitching, w/ white and red embroidery on attached white piece? stylized embroidery reminds us of 1992.105

ID#: VC2001194

Location: D8

Black Velvet Cuff and Collar with Cream Rosettes
black velvet cuff w/cream rosettes and matching collar

ID#: VC2001193

Location: F0

Navy Velvet Collar with Embroidery
dark blue velvet collar w/white, red embroidery on attached white piece

ID#: VC2001192

Location: F0