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Items tagged "Outerwear/Wraps": 84

Green Wool Cape

A loden green wool cape with an ankle-legth a-line silhouette. Convertible collar with an oval shape tab with two buttons that can be moved to close across the collar. Has two armholes inside (which can be closed) and two pockets. Can be closed at the center front, with tan interior.

ID#: VC2015022

Location: Hanging

1950s Students in Vassar Blazers
1950s Students in Vassar Blazers, also wearing bermuda shorts, loafers or keds, and short socks.

ID#: VassarPhotoArchives.jpg


Photograph of Julia S. Dutton, Class of 1952, in a Vassar Blazer
This Vassar graduate wore her blazer with plaid bermuda shorts, loafers, and short socks.

ID#: Ph.f15.42BlazerBermudasIvy1951copy.jpg


Advertisement for Robert Rollins Blazers

The Robert Rollins company, shown in this ad from a Music Educators Journal of 1969, was the maker of the Vassar blazers.

ID#: MusicEducatorsJournal1969Wiesner99100.jpg


Yale-Vassar bike race day 1952
Yale-Vassar bike race day 1952. Two of the girls are wearing their Vassar blazers. Life magazine, April 1952

ID#: blazersLIFEMAGEApr19523.jpg


Yale-Vassar bike race day 1952
Yale-Vassar bike race day 1952. Two of the girls are wearing their Vassar blazers. Life magazine, April 1952

ID#: blazersLIFEMAGApr19522.JPG


Yale-Vassar bike race day 1952
Yale-Vassar bike race day 1952. The girl at the center back is wearing her Vassar blazer. Life magazine, April 1952

ID#: blazersLIFEMAGApr1952.jpg


Black Embossed Velvet Bodice with Beading
; Black embossed velvet Bodice with collar and beaded sleeves Rounded sleeve cuffs with large beaded detail divided by ropey trim. Beaded detail echoes velvet embossing. High neckline (high collar, folded over). Thirteen beaded buttons down center front, possibly with wood base. Darts at waist. Tail in back, may have been taken in. Velvet embossing…

ID#: VC2010002

Location: O1

Black Beaded Cape
; Black cape made of textured cotton with a floral pattern. Glass and jet beading all-over the cape. Quilted black satin silk lining. Band collar. Fitted torso with two points at center front and a box pleat at center back. Sleeves are the wings of the cape. Hooks and eyes at neck and buttons at center front.

ID#: VC2010001

Location: P7

Black Velvet Coat with Ribbing
Black velvet mid-calf length, collared with a neck tie, puffy sleeves, and ribbing down the breast

ID#: VC2007040

Location: BOX 7

Purple Velvet Jacket
purple velvet jacket with peach satin lining; I. purple velvet; peach satin lining; metal hook and eyes II. Silhouette: Fitted III. hip length; full length sleeves, leg of mutton style; high neckline, ruffled collar; two vents in the back; centered front closure but altered to be asymmetrical.

ID#: VC2004010

Location: M11

Black Cape with Cut Velvet Flowers
black cape (short) with raised velvet flower pattern and trim

ID#: VC2001243

Location: Q11

Gold Sequin Jacket
gold sequin jacket

ID#: VC2001237

Location: HANGING

Black Crepe Coat with Monkey Fur
black crepe coat with attached scarf and monkey fur trim

ID#: VC2001222

Location: Q10

Black Silk Cape with Pleated Panels
black silk cape with short sleeves and pleated panels / black satin jacket with appliques and open sleeves

ID#: VC2001221

Location: HANGING

Cream Wool Swing Coat
cream wool swing coat, lace on front, full sleeves

ID#: VC2001187

Location: F0

Cream Jacket with Gold Fringe
Cream Jacket to low hip. corset-like boning to shape waist/bust. Wide sleeves, bell style, 3/4 to full length. Gold fringe at hem and wrists. Peach ribbon and two-tiered ruffling at high-hip and elbows with gathering underneath. Hook and eye closures down front stopping at waist. basic neckline, no collar, previously mentioned label missing,…

ID#: VC2001186

Location: L1

Ivory Silk Mantle with Floral Motif
ivory silk mantle; painted flowers, stiff collar, pink lining; Ivory silk painted with purple and green flower detail around hem; pink silk; ivory silk waist tape; stiff treated off-white plain-weave cotton; unidentified animal fiber padding; ivory crocheted toggle Ivory silk bell-shaped mantle; ivory silk flower placed in upper center back…

ID#: VC2001185

Location: BOX 13

Blue Coat with Black Velvet
lt. blue linen coat w/black velvet cuffs and collar, buttons on front

ID#: VC2001160

Location: B11

Brown Velvet Jacket with Embroidery
brown velvet jacket w/embroidery

ID#: VC2001130

Location: BOX 13

Black Velvet Jacket with Ties
black velvet jacket, cropped, w/ties

ID#: VC2001127

Location: BOX 13

Black Velvet Capelet with Lavender Lining
black reversible velvet capelet w/lavendar lining and black beading

ID#: VC2001126

Location: BOX 13

Black Velvet Capelet
black velvet capelet

ID#: VC2001125

Location: BOX 13

Burgundy Embroidered Mantle
Burgundy embroidered mantle with fringe hem. Silk velvet, silk. Burgundy silk velvet cape (a) is sleeveless, with button closures which are damaged and reinforced with hooks and eye closures down the front center, silk lining, fringe hem, and embroidery down the front center and the hem.

ID#: VC2001124

Location: P7

Velvet Blazer and Skirt
velvet blazer w/matching skirt w/pleats at bottom

ID#: VC2001121

Location: O1

Black Velvet Blazer
black velvet blazer w/gathered waist

ID#: VC2001120

Location: BOX 13

Black Blazer with Velvet and Fur
black double breasted blazer w/velvet collar and fur trim

ID#: VC2001119

Location: HANGING

Black Satin Coat with Red Fur Collar
black satin full length coat w/red fur collar; Black satin silk with black striped crepe trim and lining, and a red fur collar. This black satin full-length coat open down center front, fastened by interior snaps and two buttons: at neck and waist. It has a high crew neckline with a red fur stand up collar that can be folded in half and snapped…

ID#: VC2001118

Location: BOX 7

Faux Fur Coat with White Fur Collar
brown/black faux fur coat with real white fur collar, cream lining

ID#: VC2001117

Location: HANGING

Faux Fur Short Coat with Frogs
brown short coat, faux fur, frogs/tassels on front

ID#: VC2001116

Location: HANGING