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Items tagged "NYC20": 12

Gray Wool Riding Coat
grey wool riding coat

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ID#: VC2001164

Location: D10

Brown Velvet Jacket with Embroidery
brown velvet jacket w/embroidery

ID#: VC2001130

Location: BOX 13

Black Velvet Blazer
black velvet blazer w/gathered waist

ID#: VC2001120

Location: BOX 13

Plum coat with Purple Lining
dark purple coat - full length, lighter purple lining

ID#: VC2001115

Location: BOX 13

Black Velvet Coat with Cream Lining
black velvet coat - full length, cream lining

ID#: VC2001114

Location: BOX 13

Velvet Coat with Tasseled Tie
velvet coat with tasseled tie

ID#: VC2001112

Location: BOX 13

Wool Jacket with Purple Lining and Velvet
wool jacket w/velvet and purple lining

ID#: VC2001105

Location: BOX P7

White Skirt with Button Front
white skirt - Abercrombie and Fitch?

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ID#: VC2001028

Location: B3

Black Silk Dress with Train
Dress of black silk trimmed with lace, black, and ivory embroidery and lace high collar inset at neckline. Long sleeves with embroidered cuffs. Full length skirt with train.

ID#: VC1992105

Location: L4

Royal Blue Bodice with Black Trim
bright blue bodice with black ribbon trim and white lace detail on shoulders and cuffs

ID#: VC1992060

Location: G3

Ivory Lace Dress with Silk Cord
Ivory mesh dress with thick silk satin ribbon embroidery of the same color around the bottom of the skirt, sleeves and bodice, and down the length of the dress, on the front and back. the panels of embroidery are also decorated with buttons. the dress is floor length with half-length sleeves with a cuff of embroidery in the middle of the sleeve.…

ID#: VC1992037

Location: N9

Franklin Simon Beaded Lace Dress
Layered dress of light tan silk crepe, jacquard, and chiffon, with lace, rhinestones, and beading, and asymmetrical overlays

ID#: VC1992035

Location: E5