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Front View of Brown Plaid Day Dress
Full frontal view of the dress

ID#: fashioning.JPG


Photograph of ‘F.A.B.M.’
Photograph of ‘F.A.B.M.’ Courtesy of Archives & Special Collections Library, Vassar College (Student Photograph Album #10, from Pamela A. Roberts, VC prep 1866-7)

ID#: DSC00286.JPG


Maria Mitchell Class
Maria Mitchell poses with the first Astronomy class at Vassar College.

ID#: DSC00282.JPG


The Hexagon
Maria Mitchell's first group of six astronomy students, known as the Hexagon. Mary Whitney, Maria Mitchell's successor, is seated in the center. C.1860s.

ID#: 4724994730_8ddff1f252_o.jpg


Brown Silk Bodice with Double-Pointed Waist
brown silk bodice with points at waist and black lace

ID#: VC2001167

Location: K4

Brown Plaid Day Dress
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ID#: VC2001149

Location: F5

Wedding Dress of Margaret A. Heminway

Dress of cream silk taffeta; lining made of off-white polished cotton; crinoline silhouette; boned bodice, barrel-chested, princess seams in back, three waist darts in front; high neckline, finished with fine piping of about 1/6"; cap sleeves with two ruffles; boning at center back and through the front; brass hooks and eyes at center back; piped…

ID#: VC1992087

Location: B1

Gray Silk Evening Bodice with Lace
Grey silk evening bodice with lace sleeves and yoke”

ID#: VC1992069

Location: E3

Cream and Brown Printed and Striped Bodice
cream and brown printed and striped silk bodice with ruching and velvet ribbon detail

ID#: VC1992045

Location: K4