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1854 Wedding Dress of Margaret A. Heminway
One of the fascinations of this off white silk taffeta wedding dress comes from the fact that the bride's name is recorded on the inside of the dress. Handwritten in beautiful Palmer penmanship, faded to brown, on the boning inside the bodice, can be found: 'Margaret A. Heminway's wedding dress, married June 21, 1854'. She married Alfred W.…

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Wedding Dress of Margaret A. Heminway

Dress of cream silk taffeta; lining made of off-white polished cotton; crinoline silhouette; boned bodice, barrel-chested, princess seams in back, three waist darts in front; high neckline, finished with fine piping of about 1/6"; cap sleeves with two ruffles; boning at center back and through the front; brass hooks and eyes at center back; piped…

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