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Items tagged "AWARE10": 17

Front View of Pink Patterned Dress
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ID#: 2001.074.q.p.4.jpg


Front View of Black and Gold Beaded Dress
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ID#: 1992.041.q.p.3.jpg


Side View of Small Bustle of Striped Covered Coils
Small bustle displayed laying flat on a stand

ID#: fashioning-8.JPG


White Bloomers
White cotton bloomers with intentionally split crotch, lace detail at bottom of cuff, 3 buttons, and tiered cuffs.

ID#: VC2007039

Location: E1

Khaki Twill Suit with Split Skirt
Gold Twill Riding Suit - Jacket and Culotte skirt

ID#: VC2004027

Location: K8

Full Length Bustle Cage (3)
full length bustle cage-3

ID#: VC2001205

Location: E1

Brown Silk Bodice with Double-Pointed Waist
brown silk bodice with points at waist and black lace

ID#: VC2001167

Location: K4

Pink Patterned Dress

pink patterned top, skirt, and collar

ID#: VC2001074

Location: K5

Small Spring Bustle Cage
Small wire bustle cage with 3 springs, with fabric covering and metal buckle closure

ID#: VC1992160

Location: A1

Small Wire Crescent Bustle Cage
Small bustle cage with 2 pieces of crescent shaped wire mesh held by fabric tape, with a metal buckle closure

ID#: VC1992159

Location: A1

White cotton underbust corset

ID#: VC1992119

Location: E1

Cream and Brown Printed and Striped Bodice
cream and brown printed and striped silk bodice with ruching and velvet ribbon detail

ID#: VC1992045

Location: K4

Black and Gold Beaded Dress
Beaded black netted dress over gold metallic organza lined with China silk.

ID#: VC1992041

Location: L3

Pink and Gray Bustle Ensemble
Pale salmon and gray silk taffeta bustle ensemble, trimmed with pale salmon taffeta ruffles and white and gray tassel trim, swags, bustle, and train; fitted bodice with 3/4 sleeves, square neckline and triple button closure up front.

ID#: VC1992001

Location: L5, L6