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1942 Basketball Players on Bench
Members of the 1942 class basketball team. In the back is Louise Bristol ( Ransom); front row left to right, Romie Cody Edwards, Lisa Dusser de Barenne (Blundell ), and Franny Prindle (Taft ). © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f10.14

ID#: 4813374664_a6b94c6f91_b.jpg


1940 Class Day Daisy Chain

Students carry a daisy chain on Class Day, 1940, wearing matching dresses. Note the graduating seniors behind them, also wearing matching dresses. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f4.17

ID#: 4813367610_0d32a40c92_o.jpg


1941 Calisthenics
Students perform calisthenic exercises, 1941. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f10.14

ID#: 4812777245_d0dd5a0f3d_b.jpg


1941 Class Day Play

Students relax while watching a class day play outdoors, 1941. Note their matching dresses. Courtesy of Archives & Special Collections Library, Vassar College, Ref. # Ph.f4.17

ID#: 4812770161_3e2c698d59_b.jpg


1940s Choosing an Outfit
A student selects a dress from her closet, 1940s. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f10.4

ID#: 4812748483_edcfa47a0b_o.jpg


Junior Prom

Dancing at the 1941 Junior Prom

ID#: 4724336413_3f57541926_o.jpg


Wedding Dress of Muriel Kahn Lampell

Dress of cream satin with cream lace overlay; fit and flare silhouette; floor-length; fitted bodice with darts in front and princess seams in back; long, straight, lace sleeves pointed at hem, 9 satin-covered buttons on each sleeve starting at wrist; v-neck; hip-level waistline; 2-layered gathered lace peplums at each hip; center back metal zipper.

ID#: VC2005004

Location: Q9

Black and White Striped Dress

Black, white, and grey striped two piece dress in a fit and flare silhouette. Cotton sateen, black cotton, black felt, metal, and elastic; fitted cotton sateen bodice (a) is strapless, with a sweetheart neckline, princess seams, natural waistline, hook and eye closures at the center back, and cotton lining; matching flared cotton sateen skirt (b)…

ID#: VC2004023

Location: G7

Copper Tweed Wool Suit
Copper and black tweed wool suit

ID#: VC2004009

Location: HANGING

Green Tweed Suit
Green tweed suit

ID#: VC2004004

Location: HANGING

Satin Wedding Dress with Pointed Waist
wedding dress B, Finger loop located on the inside of the skirt.

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ID#: VC2002005

Location: D0

Linen Two-Piece Suit
cream/beige linen suit jacket and pants

ID#: VC2002003

Location: C1

40's Wedding Dress and Veil
wedding dress and veil

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ID#: VC2002002

Location: C1

Yellow Dress with Collar
yellow short sleeve dress w/front motherof pearl buttons + pockets

ID#: VC2001241

Location: G8

Tan Gown with Train
brown and tan gown w/train, ruchign at shoulders, sleeveless

ID#: VC2001156

Location: D9

Bright Blue Bathing Suit with Squares
bright blue bathing suit w/red and white squares, neck ties criss cross

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ID#: VC2001155

Location: Q7

Wool Jacket and Skirt with Fur
black wool jacket w/poodle fur collar, and skirt

ID#: VC2001131

Location: HANGING

Black Capelet with Hood
black capelet with hood with black circular velvet embellishments along hem, possible of rayon or acetate

ID#: VC2001086

Location: R9

Black Striped Frock Coat and Skirt
black striped frock coat w/matching skirt

ID#: VC2001071

Location: E10

Navy Skirt with Leaf Motif
navy skirt with multi colored leaves

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ID#: VC2001014

Location: M1

Ivory Taffeta Gown with Train
Ivory moire taffeta wedding gown with sweetheart neckline and train. Zipper on left side of waist, finger loop at center bottom of train. Puffed sleeves. Waist panel.

ID#: VC1992085

Location: D11