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Items tagged "1850s-1860s - Crinoline": 23

Detail View of Teal Taffeta Crinoline Ensemble
Close up of the upper front of both pieces of the ensemble



1854 Wedding Dress of Margaret A. Heminway
One of the fascinations of this off white silk taffeta wedding dress comes from the fact that the bride's name is recorded on the inside of the dress. Handwritten in beautiful Palmer penmanship, faded to brown, on the boning inside the bodice, can be found: 'Margaret A. Heminway's wedding dress, married June 21, 1854'. She married Alfred W.…

ID#: 1992.087.f.1.jpg


Front View of Brown Plaid Day Dress
Full frontal view of the dress

ID#: fashioning.JPG


Photograph of ‘F.A.B.M.’
Photograph of ‘F.A.B.M.’ Courtesy of Archives & Special Collections Library, Vassar College (Student Photograph Album #10, from Pamela A. Roberts, VC prep 1866-7)

ID#: DSC00286.JPG


Maria Mitchell Class
Maria Mitchell poses with the first Astronomy class at Vassar College.

ID#: DSC00282.JPG


The Hexagon
Maria Mitchell's first group of six astronomy students, known as the Hexagon. Mary Whitney, Maria Mitchell's successor, is seated in the center. C.1860s.

ID#: 4724994730_8ddff1f252_o.jpg


Blue Dress with Black and Yellow Detail (DEACCESSIONED)
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ID#: VC2008001

Location: in cardboard box with other possible deaccession pieces

Black Silk Cape with Pleated Panels
black silk cape with short sleeves and pleated panels / black satin jacket with appliques and open sleeves

ID#: VC2001221

Location: HANGING

Small Hoop Skirt
small hoop skirt Hoopskirt of 1/8 ifory twill ??? nature hoops held in place by 1 5/8 wide patterned ivory twill

ID#: VC2001210

Location: E1

Cream Jacket with Gold Fringe
Cream Jacket to low hip. corset-like boning to shape waist/bust. Wide sleeves, bell style, 3/4 to full length. Gold fringe at hem and wrists. Peach ribbon and two-tiered ruffling at high-hip and elbows with gathering underneath. Hook and eye closures down front stopping at waist. basic neckline, no collar, previously mentioned label missing,…

ID#: VC2001186

Location: L1

Brown Silk Bodice with Double-Pointed Waist
brown silk bodice with points at waist and black lace

ID#: VC2001167

Location: K4

Brown Plaid Day Dress
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ID#: VC2001149

Location: F5

Black Taffeta Day Dress
Silk, cotton, metal, wool; crinoline dress; black silk taffeta bodice, six waist darts at front, princess seams at back; crew neckline; two-piece sleeves with black cotton lace and buttons along center front; metal hook and eye closures at center front of bodice; black silk taffeta full length crinoline skirt with cartridge pleats at front and…

ID#: VC2001080

Location: F5

Black Faille Bodice with Passementerie
black faille bodice with passementerie

ID#: VC1992136

Location: B7

Teal Taffeta Crinoline Ensemble
Teal taffeta ensemble (day dress) with dress and matching fichu has ruffles on the shoulders, sleeve hems, and skirt. Hand sewn,

ID#: VC1992124

Location: E8

Wedding Dress of Margaret A. Heminway

Dress of cream silk taffeta; lining made of off-white polished cotton; crinoline silhouette; boned bodice, barrel-chested, princess seams in back, three waist darts in front; high neckline, finished with fine piping of about 1/6"; cap sleeves with two ruffles; boning at center back and through the front; brass hooks and eyes at center back; piped…

ID#: VC1992087

Location: B1

Ruffled Black and Blue Silk Skirt
black and royal blue silk skirt with 3 ruffles

ID#: VC1992076

Location: C10

Gray Silk Evening Bodice with Lace
Grey silk evening bodice with lace sleeves and yoke”

ID#: VC1992069

Location: E3

Cream and Brown Printed and Striped Bodice
cream and brown printed and striped silk bodice with ruching and velvet ribbon detail

ID#: VC1992045

Location: K4

Brown Polished Cotton Underskirt
brown polished cotton underskirt

ID#: VC1992009

Location: C5