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Items from "Costumes and Textiles": 723

Brown Straw Hat with Grey Flowers

Brown hat with grey flowers and grey ribbon on the outside. Hat is made from straw, the flowers and ribbon are made from linen, and the flowers are on wire for structural support.

ID#: VC2015015

Location: C5

Furry Brown Hat

Furry brown hat with thick brown ribbon. Has a brim all-around.

ID#: VC2015014

Location: C5

Brown Straw Hat

Brown oval hat with a visor and decorative rope in the front. Made from straw and bound with string.

ID#: VC2015013

Location: C5

Beige and Cream Embroidery Ensemble

Beige bodice and skirt that attach at the waist with cream flower embroidery and a pink and green sash and a separate lace collar. Cotton was used, bodice (a), has three quarter length sleeves, pleating on the sleeves and in the center front

ID#: VC2015012

Location: N12

Black Lace Dress

Black lace dress with black lining below the chest and cream above. Silk lace, the cream lining is mesh.

ID#: VC2015010

Location: Q2

Blue Daisy Chain Sash

Long blue sash. Front of sash is silk, the back is cotton. Front and back are machine sewn together.

ID#: VC2015009

Location: F8

Brown and Beige Patterned Draw-String Bag

Front View of Brown and Beige Patterened Draw-String Bag
A draw-string bag of brown and beige cotton and linen, with a plaid plaid pattern on the casing and a naturalistic pattern on the body.

ID#: VC2015008

Location: A4

Green Wool Cape

A loden green wool cape with an ankle-legth a-line silhouette. Convertible collar with an oval shape tab with two buttons that can be moved to close across the collar. Has two armholes inside (which can be closed) and two pockets. Can be closed at the center front, with tan interior.

ID#: VC2015022

Location: Hanging

White Dress with Black Embroidery

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ID#: VC2015019

Location: HANGING

Cream Dress with Lace

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ID#: VC2015020

Location: HANGING

Tan Dress with Lace Trim and Beading

This is a tan dress with lace trim, beading, rhinestones, and chain made by Himi Riffin Modiste in Roslyn, Long Island. The details of the dress were sewn on by hand, while the body of the dress was machine sewn.

ID#: VC2015021

Location: E6

White Petticoat with pink ribbon and eyelet detail

White petticoat with pink ribbon and eyelet detail. The petticoat is made of white cotton throughout, silk at the ribbon, and embroidered at the ribbon casing. The skirt is gathered at the hem, pleated, and has a bow at the front. The bottom half is lined and there are hook and eye closures placed down the center back of the skirt.

ID#: VC2015024


Embroidered White Edwardian Tea Dress

Embroidered White Edwardian tea dress. White cotton with eyelet, detail, mesh insets and embroidery throughout. Square neckline with lace detail and net inset at back. Bloused bodice with princess seams, pin tucks, and pleats at waist. Three quarter length sleeves with lace cuffs, mesh inset, and elbow darts. Natural waist with mesh inset. Skirt…

ID#: VC2015023


Cream Silk Dress with Lace

Cream satin A-line dress with lace accents on the bodice and skirt, as well as green flower embellishments at the waistline, ends of the ribbons and the sides of the bodice. There is pleating at the waist and lace is sewn at the hem of the slip inside. The neckline is square, the dress is sleeveless, the torso is dartless, the skirt is A-line and…

ID#: VC2015025

Location: Q3

Brown Linen and Black Leather Shoes

Front View of Brown Linen and Black Leather Shoes
Brown and black shoes that is laced up on the side. The interior is white linen, and the exterior has brown linen, and black leather toe and heel, and leather bottom. Components A and B are identical.

ID#: VC2015007

Location: A4

Cream Colored Shoes with Bows

Front View of Cream Colored Shoes with Bow
Cream shoes with a cream bow on the toe of each shoe. The outer, including the bow, is silk satin, inside is both leather and linen, sole is leather. Components A and B are identical

ID#: VC2015006

Location: A4

Cream Silk Satin Shoes

Front View of Cream Silk Satin Shoes
Cream colored shoes/slippers with a silk and lace ribbon on toe. Silk satin exterior, silk satin and lace trim bow on top, leather and linen interior, leather sole. Component A and B are identical.

ID#: VC2015005

Location: A4

White Petticoat with Eyelet Insets and Tucks

Front View of the White Petticoat with Eyelet Insets and Tucks
White petticoat with eyelet detail and tucks. Drawstring closure at center back waist. Flared five core skirt, pleated at back waist. Bottom detail includes five rows of tucks, a row of eyelet insets, two rows of tucks, row of eyelet inset, and a ruffle with eyelet finish. Lined with white cotton with ruffle at bottom.

ID#: VC2015003

Location: C12

Sheer Cotton Blouse with Lace Insets

Front View of Sheer Cotton Blouse with Lace Insets
Loose-fitting, sheer cotton blouse with mandarin collar. Three geometric lace insets on center front. Two darts at front waist, and two darts at back waist. 3/4 length sleeves with gathering at cuffs. Four darts at center - back neck. Embroidery details at the center front. Gathering at front shoulder seams. Four plastic and mother of pearl buttons…

ID#: VC2015002

Location: O4

Gold Beaded Mesh Kerchief

This gold mesh kerchief is decorated with loops of gold, white, and coral beads and white circular sequins with white beads along the entire front side. The loops of beading on the main part of the piece are primarily gold with a single coral bead, while the loops along the edge are primarily white with two coral beads and a single gold one.

ID#: VC2014010

Location: D8

Black Velvet Purse with Gold Clasp and Chain

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ID#: VC2014009

Location: D8

Black Tasseled Net Cardigan with Gold Detail

Front View of Black Tassled Net Cardigan with Gold Detail
Black mesh cardigan with short sleeves and a triangular base, adorned with tassels wrapped in gold.

ID#: VC2014014

Location: D8

Black Beaded Decorative Collar

Front View of Black Beaded Decorative Collar
Black beaded decorative collar. Interior is silk, exterior is cotton, glass beading.

ID#: VC2014013

Location: P8

Black Net Fragments with Fringe of Tassels

Front View of Black Net Fragments with Fringe of Tassels
Black netted triangular pieces of fabric with tassels on top and bottom. Tassels made of cotton. Square piece of net and tassles missing from bottom right.

ID#: VC2014012


Burgundy Velvet Bodice

Front View of Burgundy Velvet Bodice
Burgundy velvet bodice. Velvet exterior, velvet buttons down center front, velvet collar, interior boning, cotton cloth lining, waistband, velvet tail

ID#: VC2014011

Location: deaccession box

Full length cotton dress with lace decoration

Front View of the Full Length White Cotton Dress with Lace Detailing
White, cotton floor length dress with lace decoration on bodice, sleeves and skirt; flared skirt with gathered ruffle; tucks at waist give skirt shape; band collar in lace; vertical lace panels on bodice front with horizontal lace strips on center front; long sleeves with button closures at wrist; horizontal lace strips on sleeves and small ruffles…


ID#: VC2015004

Location: N11

White Shirtwaist with Added Collar and Tucks

; White cotton and plain weave shirtwaist. White cotton and plain weave throughout. Hand sewing throughout. Cut on the straight of grain. Slight v-neck with cutwork machine-sewn attached collar. Shoulder and center back tucks. Faggoting at center front and cuffs. Long, straight sleeves with two-piece "French style" cuffs. White twill tape lies…

ID#: VC2015001

Location: O4

Princeton House Party Jacket

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ID#: VC2011014

Location: HANGING

Black, Beaded Fichu with Lace and Beaded Shoulder Covers

Black beaded fichu made of faille, silk, cotton lace, and beading. In good condition with some tears, holes, fraying, stains, mending, and pest damage. ; Black beaded fichu with lace and beaded shoulder covers

ID#: VC2014008

Location: B5

black chiffon drop-waist dress with beading

Drop-waist dress of black chiffon with accents of green, orange, yellow, blue/purple in the beading and lining; knee length hem; boat neckline; long sleeves; snap closures along side seam; plastic beads on the skirt, neckline, bodice, and sleeves; lace on cuffs; crepe silk on upper bodice lining; silk on lower bodice/skirt lining.

ID#: VC2014007