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1890 Day Dress

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Vassar College Field Hockey Umpire Blazer

This is a Vassar College Field Hockey Umpire Blazer. It has a Vassar College logo in pink and cream on the front pocket. There is also a badge that reads "USFHA National Umpire."

ID#: VC2020013

Location: R10

Black Two Piece Dress with Lace

Black silk bodice and skirt with wool trim and lace with embroidery on bodice. The lace is tan with pink and green embroidery, and sections of it are underlaid with light green silk. The bodice has rows of pintucks and the center front has a section of embroidered net. The skirt has three tiers and a ruffle inside the hem. There are three different…

ID#: VC20200008

Location: I5

Cream Satin and Black Velvet Dress

Cream Satin top and Black Velvet Skirt, Empire waist w/ puff sleeves. Pleats on top Center Front and Center Back, with rouching on arms eye

ID#: VC2020010


Beige Vented Bucket Hat

This is a beige vented straw bucket hat. It was made in 2016 by Eric Javits. It is made of woven tan straw that has been machine sewn together. The crown is flat. The brim is wide and soft. The weaving in the straw is loose with vents. There is a triangular trim in woven straw. The trim was attached by machine sewing to the inside of the…

ID#: VC2020003

Location: A15

Black Go Go Rain Bucket Hat

This is a black and clear bucket hat. It was part of the Go Go Rain Bucket Hat collection by Eric Javits. It has a flat crown made of black polyester and polyurethane. It has a wide brim made of clear PVC with a black polyester trim. The crown has a full lining made of black polyester silk. The crown also has a dark brown elastic sweatband. …

ID#: VC2020006

Location: A15

Red Straw Rumba Fedora

This is a red straw fedora. It was part of Eric Javits' Rumba collection. It is made of red straw and red plastic netting. There are alternate bands of woven straw and plastic netting. These bands have been attached by machine sewing. The hatband is made of braided red straw, which is tied into a bow. There is a red pom-pom attached to each…

ID#: VC2020004

Location: A16

Red and Gold Cleopatra Hat

This is a red and gold Cleopatra-style hat. The outside is made of a red and gold metallic fabric. This fabric is quilted in bands around the hat. When worn, the front sits high on the forehead with no brim while the back dips low to rest on the neck. The lining is black satin. The whole hat has been machine sewn. The sweatband is made of a…

ID#: VC2020002

Location: A14

White Wide Brim Straw Hat

This is a white wide brim straw hat made for women. The hat is made of white and tan straw. It has a wide off-white grosgrain hatband that ties in a large bow at the left side. The straw was woven. The hat lining is made of light blue cotton. The cotton has a large floral print in dark pink, light pink, orange, red, green, dark turquoise, and…

ID#: VC2020007

Location: A17

Metallic Straw Lantern Hat

This is a metallic straw lantern hat. The hat is made of tan straw accented with metallic thread in silver, gold, and black. The crown is flat and circular. The crown has been placed inside of the brim and machine sewn together. On the inside of the crown there is a brown grosgrain ribbon. This piece was made by Eric Javits Inc. in the 1990s. …

ID#: VC2020005

Location: A16

Suede Touring Cap

Chartreuse suede touring cap/aviator. The cap has a lining made of black jersey. It is machine sewn. This is a soft aviator cap with ear flaps and a stiff bill. On the lining, there is a label that says, "This is a water-repellent fabrication." There is a piece of black elastic on the inner circumference of the cap. There are two metal…

ID#: VC2020001

Location: A13

Blue Floral Fish and Butterfly Chinese Silk Panel Embroidery

Two-paneled, mirrored tapestry on robin's-egg-blue silk brocade; embroidery depicts fish below a square pavilion on the bottom; various coral and teal flowers in the middle and upper portions, with butterflies at the top. The panels are tacked together at five locations along the center.

ID#: VC2017015


Bowl Surrounded by Birds and Flowers Cream Crochet

A cream crochet rectangular piece with a bowl of fruits/vegetables at the center surrounded by two chicken-like birds and flowers.

ID#: VC2017014


Floral Pink and Olive Silk Embroidered Collar

A mainly olive colored silk collar with multi-toned green leaf embroidery and multi-toned pink circle flower embroidery. Gold thread details on leaves and flowers and in border of piece (also green). Border and embroidery both hand sewn. Clean edges. Overall shape and neckline shape are both square. Main silk fabric almost transparent. No closing…

ID#: VC2017013


Cream Crochet Jabot

This cream colored jabot has crocheting along its lining. Embroidery is featured on the lower right corner on the neck, crocheting is along the center, with dispersed boning of ~2.5" intervals.

ID#: VC2017011


Black Satin Beaded Pleated Bodice with Pink Accents

Black satin bodice with beading, pleats, boning, full-length leg-o-mutton sleeves, high collar, pink accents on reverse of satin, lace at ends of sleeves, and shoulder ruffles.

ID#: VC2017006


Sun and Moon Chinese Silk Embroidery Panel

Chinese silk embroidery panel of multiple people in four mirrored scenes that begin in the day and end in the night, from top to bottom.

Scene 1: A person carrying red fruits on a platter and another person carrying a blue bottle with the red sun over them. The sun has the Chinese character for sun, 日, embroidered in blue inside it. The hair of…

ID#: VC2017010


Christian Dior Cream Slip

This is a cream slip manufactured by Christian Dior composed of a rose motif lace and a fiber blend. The rose motif lace is at the collar, sleeves, and edges of the slip. The fiber blend is 55% nylon, 30% polyester, and 15% silk. There is a cream silk rose at the neckline.

ID#: VC2017009


Mark Cross Cream Leather Ladies Gloves

Cream leather ladies' gloves made by Mark Cross London. The gloves are machine sewn and the cream leather is soft and unbroken. A gold metal snap at the wrist secures each glove, with the Mark Cross logo on the plastic cap of each snap.

ID#: VC2017007


Child's Lace Blouse

A lacey, detachable sleeve blouse with a mid/high collar and button closures in the center back. The blouse comes to below the waist. Its thin semi-sheer material is most likely cotton. Above the chest, the thin material gives way to intricate lace-designs of flowers, leaves, and clovers. There is no lining under the lace, so it can be assumed…

ID#: VC2017008

Location: I4

Cream Lace Tea Dress with Lavender Accents

Cream lace dress with short puffed sleeves and lavender trim. High neck, S-curve boned bodice with vertical lavender velvet trim and pleated satin waistband. Natural waist skirt with fullness at hem and train in back.

ID#: VC2017004


Beaded Black Bodice with Yellow Collar

A black, velvet, beaded bodice with leg o' mutton sleeves and a yellow lined collar. There is black floral beading and embroidery on the chest and lower sleeves, four groups of piping in rows of three on each sleeve, yellowing lace on the wrists, band collar with closures around back of neck, and center front hook and eye closures concealed under a…

ID#: VC2017005


Navy Apron with Floral Embroidery

Silk navy apron with cream, yellow, and green floral embroidery with light brown accents. There is slight pleating along the top where the apron connects to the waistband.

ID#: VC2017003


Beige 1925 Wedding Dress with Lace

Beige satin wedding dress with tan lace trim, pearls with accompanying bridal cap, bridal cap veil, and lace pieces. Straight chemise style over-dress with under-dress with fitted sleeves attached. Combination of hand-sewing and machine-sewing throughout.

ID#: VC2017002


Cream Satin Wedding Dress

Cream satin wedding dress with train. The dress has a dropped waist, full circle skirt, long fitted sleeves, and scoop neck. The train attaches to the shoulders with hooks and eyes and snaps. The train has the same cream satin fabric and layered ruffled netting underneath. The dress and train are largely hand sewn, with machine sewing for larger…

ID#: VC2017001


Lace Pouch

A rectangle pouch that when folded becomes a square that could be used as a purse. There is lace detail along all of the edges and the closing flap is heavily embroidered with cutwork lace. The lip of the pouch has tiny diamond cutouts about a half inch below opening. The embroidery is geometric with leaves. There are green markings around…

ID#: VC2016002


Cream Bibs, Rounded and Square

Two tiny bibs, one rounded and the latter squared; possibly for infants or dolls. Rounded Bib: Rounded muslin bib with speckled brown stains, neck ties, a possible body tie where ribbon could be wound through, floral embroidery, scalloped lace around all edges, and a single pearl colored plastic button on right edge of neck tie. Flap underneath…

ID#: VC2016001


Brown Lace Velvet Dress

Brown lace velvet dress

ID#: VC2015018

Location: HANGING

Blue Sheer Cotton Dress

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ID#: VC2015017

Location: C3

Lavender Dress with cream embroidery and lace sleeves

Back View of Lavender Dress with Cream Embroidery
Lavender dress. Cream embroidery on the sleeves and dress. Lace sleeves. There is also a sash and a detached fabric piece.

ID#: VC2015016

Location: K9