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Child's Lace Blouse

A lacey, detachable sleeve blouse with a mid/high collar and button closures in the center back. The blouse comes to below the waist. Its thin semi-sheer material is most likely cotton. Above the chest, the thin material gives way to intricate lace-designs of flowers, leaves, and clovers. There is no lining under the lace, so it can be assumed…

ID#: VC2017008

Location: I4

Pink Silk Children's Blouse

Pink silk children's blouse of sheer check weave with lace at collar and cuffs; scoop neck of two inch lace; straight sleeves past elbow with two inch lace cuff; nine darts from top of right and left shoulder to above front chest; no waist; hem altered to be shorter. Three snap closures at top left shoulder.

ID#: VC2014001

Location: C11

Gray Tam O'Shanter

Gray Tam O'Shanter; Round, gray tam hat with yarn bobble on top. Felted wool stitching holds part of brim to edge of hat.

ID#: VC2012064


Red Knit Bonnet

Red knit bonnet; Knitted red bonnet, faille lining, hand sown in red grosgrain ribbon ties with bow at back

ID#: VC2012056


Dark Blue Bonnet

Dark blue crocheted bonnet; A dark blue crocheted hat with a lighter blue lining sewn in, with a dark blue wool tie attached to the lining.

ID#: VC2012055


Cream Wool Child's Coat

cream colored wool children's coat; cream colored wool child's coat with a peter pan collar and short sleeves; all seams and edges are covered in cream colored embroidery; three white buttons down the front.

ID#: VC2012060


Aqua and Cream Child's Dress

Aqua and cream child's dress with collar and long sleeves.; aqua and cream child's floor length dress with shawl/detachable collar, long sleeves, embroidery on collar and cuffs; sleeves and collar are wool, the rest is cotton; smocked front, hook and eye closures one foot down back.

ID#: VC2012063

Location: S5

Red Child's Dress

Red child's drop-waist dress with lace-like detailing with self-fabric piping and embroidery; red silk, raspberry embroidery floss, raspberry ribbon, gold-colored hook/eyes; child's drop-waist dress, knee/right below knee-length, drop waist bodice, short sleeves with small ruched gathering at top of shoulder and lace-like detailing with self-fabric…


ID#: VC2012001

Location: N2

Blue Floral Bodice with Bustle
blue floral china silk bodice w/dk. blue velvet cuff, bustle cover. blue silk brocade with white and black flower; deep cobalt velvet; blue polished cotton lining; cotton tape fitted bustle polonaise blue velvet manderin-style collar, CF panels, hip band from edge of cener front panels to bustle, cuffs; fitted sleeves; front shaped with two…

ID#: VC2001165

Location: D10