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Beige Vented Bucket Hat

This is a beige vented straw bucket hat. It was made in 2016 by Eric Javits. It is made of woven tan straw that has been machine sewn together. The crown is flat. The brim is wide and soft. The weaving in the straw is loose with vents. There is a triangular trim in woven straw. The trim was attached by machine sewing to the inside of the…

ID#: VC2020003

Location: A15

Red Straw Rumba Fedora

This is a red straw fedora. It was part of Eric Javits' Rumba collection. It is made of red straw and red plastic netting. There are alternate bands of woven straw and plastic netting. These bands have been attached by machine sewing. The hatband is made of braided red straw, which is tied into a bow. There is a red pom-pom attached to each…

ID#: VC2020004

Location: A16

White Wide Brim Straw Hat

This is a white wide brim straw hat made for women. The hat is made of white and tan straw. It has a wide off-white grosgrain hatband that ties in a large bow at the left side. The straw was woven. The hat lining is made of light blue cotton. The cotton has a large floral print in dark pink, light pink, orange, red, green, dark turquoise, and…

ID#: VC2020007

Location: A17

Metallic Straw Lantern Hat

This is a metallic straw lantern hat. The hat is made of tan straw accented with metallic thread in silver, gold, and black. The crown is flat and circular. The crown has been placed inside of the brim and machine sewn together. On the inside of the crown there is a brown grosgrain ribbon. This piece was made by Eric Javits Inc. in the 1990s. …

ID#: VC2020005

Location: A16