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Bowl Surrounded by Birds and Flowers Cream Crochet

A cream crochet rectangular piece with a bowl of fruits/vegetables at the center surrounded by two chicken-like birds and flowers.

ID#: VC2017014


Cream Crochet Jabot

This cream colored jabot has crocheting along its lining. Embroidery is featured on the lower right corner on the neck, crocheting is along the center, with dispersed boning of ~2.5" intervals.

ID#: VC2017011


Child's Lace Blouse

A lacey, detachable sleeve blouse with a mid/high collar and button closures in the center back. The blouse comes to below the waist. Its thin semi-sheer material is most likely cotton. Above the chest, the thin material gives way to intricate lace-designs of flowers, leaves, and clovers. There is no lining under the lace, so it can be assumed…

ID#: VC2017008

Location: I4

Dark Blue Bonnet

Dark blue crocheted bonnet; A dark blue crocheted hat with a lighter blue lining sewn in, with a dark blue wool tie attached to the lining.

ID#: VC2012055


6 Identical White Handkerchiefs

6 white handkerchiefs with detailing around edges; 6 white cotton handkerchiefs with crochet flower detailing around edges

ID#: VC2012022


Beige Crochet Changepurse

Beige crochet cotton changepurse; beige crochet cotton changepurse with frilly checkered pattern at opening

ID#: VC2012011

Location: H9

Cream Baby Bonnet

Cream Cotton Crochet baby bonnet with thick stitches

ID#: VC2012008

Location: H9

White Baby Bonnet

White cotton crochet baby bonnet with thin stitches

ID#: VC2012007

Location: H9

Crocheted Capelet with Tassels
taffeta and crocheted capelet with tassels

ID#: VC2001110

Location: BOX 13

Brown Wool and Velvet Bustle Ensemble

Side View of Brown Wool and Velvet Bustle Dress
Ensemble (day dress) of brown merino wool and velvet, with basque bodice and bustled skirt; bodice has standing velvet collar and velvet lapels, center front button closure with brown crochet covered buttons, 2 piece set in sleeve with velvet cuff, brown polished cotton lining, metal boning inserted in seams and finished with off-white hand…

ID#: VC1992008

Location: F6