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Red "1922" Gym Suit
Red and white 1922 gym suit; white t-shirt style top (a) with red "1922" and pocket at chest; red trim at sleeves; red sailor collar and V-neck; red bloomers (b) with elastic waistband and elastic leg openings; knee length.; A: red and white "1992" gym suit; white t-shirt style with red "1992" and pocket at chest; red trim at sleeves; red sailor…

ID#: VC2001042

Location: BOX 10

Blue Swimsuit with White Stripe
Navy blue 1920's cotton knit swimsuit with cream border at neck and arm openings; above-the-knee length; V-neck; sleeveless

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ID#: VC2001038

Location: Q8

Red Swimsuit and Robe
red swimsuit and robe

ID#: VC2001035

Location: Q7

Purple Geometric Print Bathing Robe
Purple geometric print bathing robe; china silk; two belt loops at sides; scoop neckline; sleeveless; dropped waistline; micro mini hem; bust darts; A-line shape; unlined; thin black trim at neckline and sleeves; no closures

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ID#: VC2001034

Location: Q7

White Embroidered Ethnic Tunic
white embroidered tunic (ethnic)

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ID#: VC2001031

Location: BOX 11

Blue-Gray Dress with Embroidered Flowers
Blue-gray loose fit, drop waist, cap sleeve, knee length dress with floral embroidery.; 1. Blue-gray silk chiffon, cream lace, blue, green, yellow, and coral cotton embroidery thread 2. Loose fit, short cap sleeve, drop waist, knee length dress 3. Modest boat neck; short cap sleeves timed with lace and small row of silk; double layer of silk on…

ID#: VC2001011

Location: G0

Black Robe Dress
Black robe: black cotton satin (sateen), green cotton twill, silver metal snaps, green wooden buckle; drop-waist, calf-length, V-neck [details at neckline covered with black casing (10 hemisphere buttons on each side)], long sleeves, wrap front effect; green twill piping, scalloped on right lapel, built-in belt with green buckle

ID#: VC2001010

Location: Q1

Orange Dress with 3/4 Sleeves
drop orange silk dress with 3/4 sleeves; orange silk; drop-waist dress; shirring down CF and sides, V-neck crisscrossed beige collar piece ontop of a rounded neckline, drop-waist skirt with three tiers and then many small panels, scalloped bottom hem

ID#: VC2001009

Location: G6

Daisy Print Dress
daisy print dress; silk daisy print dress; off-white flounce collar, appliqued daisies, peach silk slip lining

ID#: VC2001008

Location: B12

Floral Print Silk Dress
floral print silk dress

ID#: VC2001005

Location: B12

Middy Blouse with Neckerchief
cotton middy blouse with silk neckerchief; shell buttons; Cotton off-white sailor blouse with middy collar; left front pentagon-shaped pocket at chest; Straight shirtsleeves with two sleeves gathered at cuff; wool cuff with two shell button closures; rectangular flap on back with 3 white ribbon line details and white star-shaped embroidery; Black…

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ID#: VC1999001

Location: BOX 11

1926 Gymsuit Ensemble
1926 Gymsuit of Dorothy Reid Kittell VC 26, includes 2 white middy blouses with red trim and 1 pair of black bloomers with a red stripe down the side of each leg

ID#: VC1993002

Location: F7

Black Lace Dress with Velvet
black lace dress with velvet trim and handkerchief hem; bodice is lined with tan georgette; cap sleeves; dropped waist; columnar silhouette

ID#: VC1992155

Location: L9

Black Silk Chiffon Dress with Beaded Trim
black silk chiffon dress with multicolor beaded trim; black silk crepe; cream,black, and gold bugle beads; light pink, metallic black, magenta, and green seed beads; spun black cotton net; Drop waist silhouette; beaded V-neck neckline; crisscross net bands with beaded embroidery making a x across the chest; three-quarter crepe sleeves; crepe…

ID#: VC1992154

Location: C4

Black Silk Dress with Shell Motif Beading
black silk chiffon dress with floral and shell beaded motifs

ID#: VC1992153

Location: M6

Red Straw Hat
red straw hat with ribbon band; black stripes, red georgette, black silk taffeta lining, red velvet ribbon

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ID#: VC1992148

Location: A9

Black Lace Dress
sleeveless black lace overdress with cut out floral design, small tucks for slight shaping at waist, overlapping sections of lace in skirt; sleeveless black lace beaded dress black lace overdress cut out floral design small tucks for slight shaping @ waist

ID#: VC1992122

Location: L9

Black Mesh Dress with Floral Embroidery
black loose mesh sleeveless overdress with cream floral embroidery ; black tubular bead trim at neck and armholes; cream floral embroidery on skirt creates lace effect; columnar silhouette with no defined waistline; black loose mesh dress with cream floral embroidery sleeveless overdress black tubular bead trim @ neck + armholes cream floral…

ID#: VC1992121

Location: L9

Olive Silk Knit Dress
olive silk knit dress with floral embroidery at neckline

ID#: VC1992099

Location: M10

Cream Silk Gown with Lace
cream silk gown with lace, scalloped hemline

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ID#: VC1992088

Location: P1

Light Tan Silk Dress
light tan silk dress with blue and gold embroidery Set-in sleeves, fine lace/mesh collar, and thick silk embroidery in gold an dblue/green

ID#: VC1992038

Location: C3

Sheer White Dress with Lace
sheer white dress with lace appliques

ID#: VC1992029

Location: C3

Sheer Ivory Dress with Lace
sheer ivory dress with voile appliques; pin ribbon belt and matching belt loops - modern addition? floral embroidered motif on skirt; narrow crocheted lace at armholes and shawl collar, 4 crocheted decorative buttons at CF

ID#: VC1992028

Location: Q3

Long Ivory Tulle Dress
long sheer ivory dress with spotted bodice Long ivory tulle dress, scalloped sleeves and hem, ivory embroidery

ID#: VC1992027

Location: C3

Golden Georgette Beaded Dress
Golden yellow silk crepe chiffon or georgette; gold possibly plastic star sequins; glass gold bugle beads, putter colored ball beads ; drop waist silhouette ; scoop neck; sleeveless, smocking at shoulders; skirt comprised of 3 tiers; alternating lines of beads and sequins coming up from drop waist seam, smaller version of beadwork on each of the 3…

ID#: VC1992025

Location: D3

Cream Satin Dress with Blue-Green Beading and Sash

cream satin dress with blue-green sash and embroidery, gray beading, aqua chiffon sash

ID#: VC1992024

Location: Q4

Pink Cotton Dropwaist Dress
dropwaist dress of sheer peachy pink cotton 3 rows of ecru lace trim at necklibe Some lace rolled into flower like trim at CF waistline One row at each sleeve hem, one row at each side off CF panel Vertical gridded lace panel at CF and CB Ribbon trim ??? with hanging ends a left shoulder and CF waistline Huge hem - handsewn 3 tucks at each front…

ID#: VC1992023

Location: C3

Wine Dress with Beading
Wine colored silk crepe chiffon over wine silk satin; iridescent white beads; metallic black beads; one random blue bead; metal snaps; Drop waist silhouette; boat neckline; snaps on left shoulder; sleeveless with fluttery appendages; linear beaded embroidery throughout dress; bead 3 circular clump detail on hips; snap closer at left side seam;…

ID#: VC1992022

Location: C4

Pale Yellow Velvet Dropwaist Dress
pale yellow velvet dropwaist dress

ID#: VC1992021

Location: D3

Rose Crepe Beaded Dress
Rose crepe beaded sleeveless dropwaist dress (would have been worn with a slip/lining).

ID#: VC1992020

Location: Q4