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Red and Black Beaded Jacket
red and black beaded jacket or bodice with beaded tassels; I. black silk, red silk, black lace, glass and wooden(?) beads II. Silhouette: Jacket or bodice III. Mandarin neckline, black lace neck ruffle in back; 3/4 length leg of mutton sleeve, bead trim on sleeves and bodice, two layer bodice

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ID#: VC2001088

Location: B8

Black Velvet Cape
black velvet cape

ID#: VC2001081

Location: P6

Cream Bodice with Pink Detail
cream and pink bodice; I. Cream silk velour, pink silk velour, metal clasps, pink circular plastic buttons. II. Silhouette: bodice III. Band collar, clasps in the back; hook and eye closure on lining, snap closure on bodice, clasp at waist; full length sleeve, modest bishop sleeve; double pink band detail at wrist on sleeve, evidence that buttons…

ID#: VC2001076

Location: D10

Black and White Top with Boning
black and white top with boning and detached sleeve; I. black crinoline, black netting, cream silk embroidery, rose silk satin, black satin covered wooden buttons, metal clasps II. Silhouette: bodice III. Manderin neckline; hook and eye closures down the center front; full length sleeve; short sleeve over long sleeve; wax polka dots on sleeves,…

ID#: VC2001075

Location: D10

Pink Patterned Dress

pink patterned top, skirt, and collar; Pink and cream printed treated silk, pink silk front facing, cotton muslin ruffle at hem, cotton lace floral applique, grosgrain synthetic ribbon as waist tape, metal hook-and-eye closures; linen lining of collar. Fitted silhouette, no boning, seems to pre-date aesthetic dress, but has pleating at front…

ID#: VC2001074

Location: K5

Cream Patterned Jacket
cream patterned jacket

ID#: VC2001073

Location: D6

Black Skirt with Ruffles
black skirt -

ID#: VC2001072

Location: E4

White Lace Night Jacket
white lace nightjacket

ID#: VC2001030

Location: BOX 11

White Blouse with Blue Flowers
white blouse with blue flowers

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ID#: VC2001027

Location: BOX 11

Blue-green Satin and Lace Robe
Light blue-green satin and lace robe. It is a straight sleeve up to the elbow, and below it is gathered and opened. The lace insets are sewn with a machine chain stitch and the yoke is self lined.

ID#: VC2001026

Location: M12

Tan Vest

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ID#: VC2001024

Location: BOX 11

White Silk Tuxedo Shirt
white silk tuxedo shirt

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ID#: VC2001023

Location: BOX 11

White Cotton Petticoat with Lace

white cotton petticoat with eyelet embroidery and applied lace trim, scalloped hem

ID#: VC1999003

Location: BOX 11

Corset Cover with Peach Ribbon
white camisole/corset cover with peach ribbon at neck

ID#: VC1992162

Location: D12

Short Eyelet Bodice with Lace
short eyelet bodice with long sleeves and lace insets

ID#: VC1992161

Location: D12

Corset Cover with Button Front
chemise/corset cover with square lace inset and button front

ID#: VC1992156

Location: D12

Corset Cover with Front Pleats
corset cover, pleated in front

ID#: VC1992151

Location: D12

Corset Cover with Lace Trim
corset cover with lace trim and front tie

ID#: VC1992150

Location: D12

Black Hat with Black Feathers
black hat with black feathers

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ID#: VC1992149

Location: A10

Green Skirt with Wine Pinstripe
green skirt with raised wine colored pinstripe

ID#: VC1992142

Location: D1

Black Skirt with Ribbon Trim

black skirt with ribbon trim

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ID#: VC1992140


Tan Pressed Wool Skirt with Black Ribbon
tan pressed wool skirt with open section and black ribbon ; tan pressed wool; black silk ribbon; cotton thread floral applique; tan silk satin ribbon; tan satin buttons floor-length, with train, fitted at waist; wool, fine decorative pleats at waist in back; lower skirt suspended 3 3/4'below upper skirt by black ribbons, spaced 3/4'apart, formerly…

ID#: VC1992139

Location: D4

Black Striped Bodice with Bishop Sleeves
Black wool bodice with white pinstripe of silk/cotton thread, trimmed with black velvet ribbon. Thin black velvet ribbon trim, wide black velvet ribbon collar, metal boning,and hooks and eyes.; black wool bodice with white pinstripe of silk/cotton thread; trimmed with black velvet ribbon; wide black velvet ribbon attached at CB of neck for collar;…

ID#: VC1992138

Location: B6

Short Black Capelet
short black capelet

ID#: VC1992135

Location: B6

Black Mesh Bodice with Leg-o-Mutton Sleeve
Black Mesh Bodice with Leg-o-Mutton Sleeve

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ID#: VC1992132

Location: B8

Black Silk Evening Bodice
Black short sleeved evening bodice of silk satin with black net; label reads Mary Blount / Ogdensburg, NY; polished cotton lining; metal hooks and eyes; metal boning; black silk satin ribbon waistband; black taffeta bias tape on inside bottom edge; black short sleeved evening bodice 10 piece bodice (CB piece w/2 parts); short draped poof sleeves w/…

ID#: VC1992130

Location: M3

Black Net Bodice with Long Sleeves
black net bodice with long sleeves, matching collar

ID#: VC1992129

Location: B5

Black Taffeta Bodice with 3/4 sleeves
black taffeta bodice with 3/4 sleeves, embroidery and lace

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ID#: VC1992128

Location: B5

Black Faille Bodice with Front Inset
black faille bodice with front inset and cuffs of ivory with black lace overlay; Black faille bodice with front inset and cuffs of ivory with black lace overlay. Lace and ivory silk are a later addition in the same shape as a previous part. Interior center front closure, exterior right side closure, interior waist tape with hook and eye. High…

ID#: VC1992127

Location: B5

Black Bodice with Eyelet Trim
black bodice with eyelet trim and full sleeves

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ID#: VC1992126

Location: B8