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Navy Dress with White Pin Dots
Dress of navy blue silk with small off-white polka dots and jacquard leaf pattern, attached off-white lace dicky and collar, narrow navy blue velvet trim at top of cuff, off-white cotton lining of bodice. Tucks at shoulder; covered buttons; hooks and eyes at back closure of neck; self belt. ; Navy polka-dot silk dress w/ attached lace dicky and…

ID#: VC2004006

Location: O6

Black Wool Three-Piece Suit
black wool suit: cutaway, pants, and vest

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ID#: VC2002004

Location: HANGING

Cream Lace Jabot
lace cream-colored cravat

ID#: VC2001258

Location: A3

Black Bloomers
black bloomers

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ID#: VC2001245

Location: freezer

Leather Box of Collars
leather box of collars

ID#: VC2001200

Location: A3

Dark Blue Velvet Collar with Stylized Embroidery
dark blue velvet collar? embroidered piece - light blue and olive stitching, w/ white and red embroidery on attached white piece? stylized embroidery reminds us of 1992.105

ID#: VC2001194

Location: D8

Ivory Satin Skirt with Mint Dots,
Ivory satin skirt w/sea green dots, lace insert at front and back, train; Ivory satin w/sea green dot pattern, lace insert at front and back and on train. Full-length, full skirt in ivory satin patterned fabric with vertical transparent lace insert and lace trim at bottom and lace train. In ivory fabric, tucks in waistband and below waistband,…

ID#: VC2001183

Location: C9

Linen Petticoat with Ruffle (DEACCESSIONED)
white linen (?) petticoat w/ruffle at hem, very plain; white linen (?) petticoat w/ruffle at hem, very plain petticoat with ruffle at hem, calf-length, drawstring closure, vertically and horizontally panelled

ID#: VC2001177

Location: Deaccession Box

Simple Petticoat with Ruffle
white petticoat w/ruffle at hem - very plain; white petticoat w/ruffle at hem - very plain -mid-calf-length, full skirt, gored, ruffle at hem, hook and eye closure

ID#: VC2001176

Location: Deaccession Box

Short Petticoat with Cutwork
short white petticoat w/cutwork at hem

ID#: VC2001175

Location: C12

Petticoat with Eyelet Lace
white petticoat w/eyelet lace and ruffles at hem; white petticoat w/eyelet lace and ruffles at hem -Full skirted white petticoat, gathered at waist, plastic button closure; alternating diagonal patterns of tucks and eyelet lace around ankles; gathered layers at hem

ID#: VC2001173

Location: F0

Petticoat with Buttoned Slits
white petticoat w/buttoned slits at front & lace at hem; white petticoat w/buttoned slits at front & lace at hem -cotton drawstring waist petticoat, tucks below knee, buttoned slits at hem, cotton crocheted lace at hem

ID#: VC2001170

Location: Deaccession Box

Blue Bodice with Black Floral Trim
lt. blue bodice w/black floral trimming

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ID#: VC2001163

Location: D10

Black Skirt with Net Overlay
Black floor-length lace skirt with black silk ribbon details at hip, knee, and hems; prairie skirt shape with natural waist and flounced bottom; gathering twelve inches from the hem; hook-and-eye closures at the center back waist; inner layer addition of cotton netting with bright green ribbon art the waist; body of the outer layer is comprised of…

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ID#: VC2001159

Location: L2

Chemise with Purple Ribbon

white sleeveless chemise w/purple ribbon, and ruffles. ; white sleeveless petticoat (?) w/purple stain ribbon . . . ?

Off-white (once-white?) sleeveless cotton petticoat with purple ribbon laced through mid-height round neckline. Ankle-length with ruffles, button and hook-and-eye closure down torso center front. Straight, natural waist and…

ID#: VC2001148

Location: G1

Petticoat with Square Neckline
white cotton long petticoat w/square neckline + lace tiers?

ID#: VC2001143

Location: G1

Pink Nightgown with Floral Print
pink nightgown w/floral print and lace down front; pink cotton with purple floral print, pink lace A fit and flare silhouett; pink cotton dress with purple floral print; crew collar with pink lace; two stripes of pink lace down the front of dress till the bottom; full length sleeves; full skirt

ID#: VC2001142

Location: M12

Cream Bodice and Skirt with Black Trim
cream bodice and skirt w/black trim / ruffles

ID#: VC2001133

Location: Deaccession Box

Cut Velvet Coat with Leaf Motif
cut velvet leaf pattern coat with quilting

ID#: VC2001111

Location: BOX 13

Black Eyelet Jacket
Black silk jacket with eyelet cutouts throughout. Cream and black velvet detail at neckline and ruffled hem at waist and sleeves.; cut out eyelet jacket

ID#: VC2001101

Location: P8

Heavily Beaded Black Capelet
beaded capelet

ID#: VC2001098

Location: B5

Lace Cape with Large Beads
lace cape with jet and gold large beads, with intricately beaded pattern on the back. ; lace cape with jet and gold large beads

ID#: VC2001097

Location: P6

Beaded Mantle with Lace Trim
beaded mantle with lace trim

ID#: VC2001096

Location: P7

Black Beaded Capelet with Lace Collar
19th Century black wool capelet with lace collar and beaded trim. Wool, satin-silk. lace, and glass beads. Black wool A-line capelet (a) with bow collar with satin bow at center front, hook and eye closures down center front, beading down center front and along hem and shoulders, ruffled at shoulders, satin border along hem, center front, and…

ID#: VC2001095

Location: P8

Black Capelet with Jet Beads and Ruffles
capelet with jet beads and ruffles at neck

ID#: VC2001094

Location: R9

Black Capelet with Elaborate Trim
Black capelet with elaborate trim; velvet collar with feather lining which shows as trim at edge, heavily quilted with braided trim, sheer silk ruffle all along front edge.

ID#: VC2001093

Location: R9

Black Velvet Jacket with Split Skirt
cut velvet boned jacket with split skirt?

ID#: VC2001092

Location: P9

Black Beaded Bodice with Leg-o-Mutton Sleeves
Black Beaded Bodice with Leg-o-Mutton Sleeves

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ID#: VC2001091

Location: B7

Black Jacket with Spiraling Appliques
black jacket, possibly rayon, with spiraling appliques

ID#: VC2001090

Location: HANGING

Black Feathered Capelet
black velvet cape with mesh, feathers, and faded decorative trim.

ID#: VC2001089

Location: R9