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Blue Liberty Silk Dress Fashion Plate

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Day Dress Fashion Plate

Fashion Plate.png
Fashion plate from The Deliniator published August 1901.



Black Two Piece Dress with Lace

Black silk bodice and skirt with wool trim and lace with embroidery on bodice. The lace is tan with pink and green embroidery, and sections of it are underlaid with light green silk. The bodice has rows of pintucks and the center front has a section of embroidered net. The skirt has three tiers and a ruffle inside the hem. There are three different…

ID#: VC20200008

Location: I5

Fashion and Fashion Plates (exhibition)

Action view of stabilization sewing on Royal Blue Silk Dress with Tails
An exhibition of selected garments (dating from 1836-1956) donated to the Vassar College Costume Collection. The exhibition took place in the Faculty Commons in the College Center at Vassar, from June 12-15, 2014.

ID#: Fashion and Fashion Plates (exhibition)


Child's Lace Blouse

A lacey, detachable sleeve blouse with a mid/high collar and button closures in the center back. The blouse comes to below the waist. Its thin semi-sheer material is most likely cotton. Above the chest, the thin material gives way to intricate lace-designs of flowers, leaves, and clovers. There is no lining under the lace, so it can be assumed…

ID#: VC2017008

Location: I4

Beige and Cream Embroidery Ensemble

Beige bodice and skirt that attach at the waist with cream flower embroidery and a pink and green sash and a separate lace collar. Cotton was used, bodice (a), has three quarter length sleeves, pleating on the sleeves and in the center front

ID#: VC2015012

Location: N12

White Petticoat with pink ribbon and eyelet detail

White petticoat with pink ribbon and eyelet detail. The petticoat is made of white cotton throughout, silk at the ribbon, and embroidered at the ribbon casing. The skirt is gathered at the hem, pleated, and has a bow at the front. The bottom half is lined and there are hook and eye closures placed down the center back of the skirt.

ID#: VC2015024


Embroidered White Edwardian Tea Dress

Embroidered White Edwardian tea dress. White cotton with eyelet, detail, mesh insets and embroidery throughout. Square neckline with lace detail and net inset at back. Bloused bodice with princess seams, pin tucks, and pleats at waist. Three quarter length sleeves with lace cuffs, mesh inset, and elbow darts. Natural waist with mesh inset. Skirt…

ID#: VC2015023


Sheer Cotton Blouse with Lace Insets

Front View of Sheer Cotton Blouse with Lace Insets
Loose-fitting, sheer cotton blouse with mandarin collar. Three geometric lace insets on center front. Two darts at front waist, and two darts at back waist. 3/4 length sleeves with gathering at cuffs. Four darts at center - back neck. Embroidery details at the center front. Gathering at front shoulder seams. Four plastic and mother of pearl buttons…

ID#: VC2015002

Location: O4

Full length cotton dress with lace decoration

Front View of the Full Length White Cotton Dress with Lace Detailing
White, cotton floor length dress with lace decoration on bodice, sleeves and skirt; flared skirt with gathered ruffle; tucks at waist give skirt shape; band collar in lace; vertical lace panels on bodice front with horizontal lace strips on center front; long sleeves with button closures at wrist; horizontal lace strips on sleeves and small ruffles…


ID#: VC2015004

Location: N11

White Shirtwaist with Added Collar and Tucks

; White cotton and plain weave shirtwaist. White cotton and plain weave throughout. Hand sewing throughout. Cut on the straight of grain. Slight v-neck with cutwork machine-sewn attached collar. Shoulder and center back tucks. Faggoting at center front and cuffs. Long, straight sleeves with two-piece "French style" cuffs. White twill tape lies…

ID#: VC2015001

Location: O4

Lace Wedding Dress of Susan Koelle Bell

Cream lace wedding dress: lining made of silk taffeta; machine-made lace overdress. Square neckline; two darts bust to waist, two darts past the waist on the back, two small darts on side of lingerie straps of lining, all the darts are in the lining; full lining of silk taffeta, with camisole attached at waist; sleeves of overdress gathered at 3/4…


ID#: VC2013008

Location: S1

Wedding Dress of Ellen Suydam Lott Rapelje

Dress of cream silk, lace, and chenille; S-curve silhouette; cream silk bodice with cream floral print has pleats extending from shoulder blades at back to waist at front; puff sleeves with draped layers of silk and lace, flounced lace at bottom of sleeve; high lace collar and neck inset of lace extending from under silk scoop neckline; bodice…

ID#: VC2007006

Location: N1

Pink Floral Blouse and Skirt

Pink floral print skirt with black edging. Pink floral print blouse with black tulle and leaf detailing.; Pink floral print floor length skirt with one layer and black tulle edging. Pink floral print blouse with pink waist and pink floral print detailing of leaves and neck details. Black netting over pink floral print on wrist length sleeves.


ID#: VC2012054

Location: G2

Embroidered Cape

Embroidered dress cape with silver embroidery and a stiff, lace-lined collar. The cape is lined with silk inside.


ID#: VC2012053

Location: R9

Silk and Lace Camisole

Silk camisole with short sleeves. Sleeves and collar are trimmed with lace. Additional lace insets on the sleeves, bust, and back. Silk ribbon running along the top of the camisole.


ID#: VC2012049

Location: D12

Camisole With Sage Green Silk Ribbon

Camisole was once white. Buttons down the front. Tank sleeves. Collar and armholes are trimmed with lace. Sage green silk ribbon inserted about the front and back collars of the camisole, so as to tie in the front.


ID#: VC2012048

Location: D12

Brown Silk "Eugenie" Dress with Lace Appliques

Two piece dress: bodice and skirt. Pin tucks and lace appliques on skirt. Pin tucks down front of bodice. Lace yoke and gathered back on bodice. Lace cuffs. Bishop Sleeves. Front is gathered

ID#: VC2012051

Location: O5

White Shirtwaist with Lace Collar

Sheer white cotton blouse, white cotton lace on cuffs and collar.; Translucent silk blouse with lace collar and cuffs; 3/4 sleeves, decorative pleats at CF and back, button closure at CF with cotton ties at waistline at wrapping to back


ID#: VC2011003

Location: O4

Navy Blue Wool Gym Suit of M. Constance Wilson

Navy blue wool gymsuit; courtesy of Special Collections, Vassar College Library. Bodice: Navy blue wool (serge?); waistband of black cotton sateen; four rows of black wool braid on collar; three rows of black wool braid on cuffs; neckline and arms-eye finished with cotton sateen bias tape; four 3/8 inch black buttons on center front placate; 8 1/2…

ID#: VC9999001

Location: Special Collections

Navy Blue Wool Gymsuit of F. Stager

Navy blue wool gymsuit; courtesy of Special Collections, Vassar College Library. Bodice: Navy blue wool (serge?); waistband of black cotton sateen; four rows of black wool braid on collar; three rows of black wool braid on cuffs; neckline and arms-eye finished with cotton sateen bias tape; four 3/8 inch black buttons on center front placate; 8 1/2…

ID#: VC9999002

Location: Special Collections

Black Bodice with Cream Lace Collar
Black silk crepe bodice with high cream lace collar and gathered sleeves trimmed with black and cream lace.; 1. Black silk crepe, cream cotton lace, fine cream cotton net, large cream cotton net, black cotton lace, metal hook and bars and eyes, boning, black china silk lining 2. High collar, puffed sleeve bodice 3. High collar, cream lace over fine…

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ID#: VC2010007

Location: D8

Black Bodice with Tan Lace
; I. Black silk crepe, black silk lining, black cotton net, black silk embroidery, tan cotton lace, tan cotton netting, metal hooks, bars, and eyes, boning, silk tassels remnants of dark brown gauze II. Natural waisted, high-collared, drop-armscyed bodice III. Tan net high-neck collar with pin-tuck detailing, trimmed in tan lace and boned…


ID#: VC2010006

Location: O4

White Bloomers
White cotton bloomers with intentionally split crotch, lace detail at bottom of cuff, 3 buttons, and tiered cuffs.

ID#: VC2007039

Location: E1

Cream Lace Bodice
cream lace bodice

ID#: VC2007035

Location: D6

Black Lace Overdress with Sheer Sleeves
black lace overdress; 3/4 sleeves, double layered corset bodice, skirt/train is single layered lace, straight supported collar.; black lace overdress 3/4 sleeves, double layered corset bodice, skirt/train is single layered lace, straight supported collar.

ID#: VC2007034

Location: K10

Cream and Black Printed Silk Dress with Black Lace

Two-piece cream silk ensemble with black print and lace: boned, high-neck bodice with flutter sleeves, full skirt with bustle pleats and train.

; Cream silk ensemble with black print and black lace . Band collar covered in lace. Lace inserts trimmed with ruched ribbon. Ribbon tassels (2) at side closure (left). Flutter sleeve with diamond…

ID#: VC2007033

Location: L7

Heavy Black Silk Bodice with Geometric Detail
heavy black silk bodice; black braided trim, trim with floral brocade of pink and green at neckline, center front, and cuffs, black wool, white silk lining.; heavy black silk bodice Heavy black wool bodice Arts and Crafts style embellishment in possibly raffia. Buttons are wound, swaths of raffia are woven. Decorative darts in sleeves. Leg o…

ID#: VC2007029

Location: M4

White Ensemble with Red Stripes
Cotton red and white striped fabric, plastic red-orange buttons, white cotton eyelet lace trim on cuffs and collar; peplum jacket, a-line ankle-length skirt; neckline intended as plunge with thick fastening strap and six buttons, velcro has modified neckline with five additional orange buttons.

; Red + white striped Jacket and Skirt with eyelet…

ID#: VC2004033

Location: N12

Black Gown with White Pinstripes and Lace (DEACCESSIONED)
Black gown with white pinstripes and lace

ID#: VC2004018

Location: BOX 16? Or moved to deaccession box?