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Magazine Cover Page

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Harper's Bazar magazine cover for an issue between 1890 and 1900.



Fashion and Fashion Plates (exhibition)

Action view of stabilization sewing on Royal Blue Silk Dress with Tails
An exhibition of selected garments (dating from 1836-1956) donated to the Vassar College Costume Collection. The exhibition took place in the Faculty Commons in the College Center at Vassar, from June 12-15, 2014.

ID#: Fashion and Fashion Plates (exhibition)


Black Satin Beaded Pleated Bodice with Pink Accents

Black satin bodice with beading, pleats, boning, full-length leg-o-mutton sleeves, high collar, pink accents on reverse of satin, lace at ends of sleeves, and shoulder ruffles.

ID#: VC2017006


Child's Lace Blouse

A lacey, detachable sleeve blouse with a mid/high collar and button closures in the center back. The blouse comes to below the waist. Its thin semi-sheer material is most likely cotton. Above the chest, the thin material gives way to intricate lace-designs of flowers, leaves, and clovers. There is no lining under the lace, so it can be assumed…

ID#: VC2017008

Location: I4

Beaded Black Bodice with Yellow Collar

A black, velvet, beaded bodice with leg o' mutton sleeves and a yellow lined collar. There is black floral beading and embroidery on the chest and lower sleeves, four groups of piping in rows of three on each sleeve, yellowing lace on the wrists, band collar with closures around back of neck, and center front hook and eye closures concealed under a…

ID#: VC2017005


Beige and Cream Embroidery Ensemble

Beige bodice and skirt that attach at the waist with cream flower embroidery and a pink and green sash and a separate lace collar. Cotton was used, bodice (a), has three quarter length sleeves, pleating on the sleeves and in the center front

ID#: VC2015012

Location: N12

Wedding Dress of Isabel Miller Board

Two piece dress of tan brocade with light blue accents and satin ribbon of light blue and brown; hourglass silhouette. Bodice (a) is boned; band collar closes at center back with metal hooks and eyes; leg o'mutton sleeves; four back princess seams, two side seams, fitted panels on each side with brown stain ribbon in v-shape on bodice front and…

ID#: IP2012001


Striped Silk Taffeta Skirt With Ruffle And Pocket (DEACCESSIONED)

Silk taffeta. Pocket on skirt. Ruffled hem. Striped, black.

ID#: VC2012052

Location: Deaccession box?

Embroidered Cape

Embroidered dress cape with silver embroidery and a stiff, lace-lined collar. The cape is lined with silk inside.


ID#: VC2012053

Location: R9

Silk and Lace Camisole

Silk camisole with short sleeves. Sleeves and collar are trimmed with lace. Additional lace insets on the sleeves, bust, and back. Silk ribbon running along the top of the camisole.


ID#: VC2012049

Location: D12

Camisole With Sage Green Silk Ribbon

Camisole was once white. Buttons down the front. Tank sleeves. Collar and armholes are trimmed with lace. Sage green silk ribbon inserted about the front and back collars of the camisole, so as to tie in the front.


ID#: VC2012048

Location: D12

Party Blouse

Party blouse. Cinches in at waist. Buttons up the back. Trimmed with lace at the sleeves. Lace at bust, shoulders, and back.


ID#: VC2012047

Location: D12

Ladies' Open Undergarment

Open drawers. Hems are trimmed with lace. Ladies' undergarment. Buttoned at waist.

ID#: VC2012046

Location: E1

Teal Dress with Cream Lace

Teal green dress with cream lace collar and long pleats from neck to hem at back.; teal green cotton; possibly linen lining; cream lace; blue grosgrain ribbon; blue velvet; metal hooks and eyes , possibly s-curve Edwardian silhouette with full skirt; teal green cotton with twill weave; cream lace neck piece in the front that is a collar in the…

ID#: VC2004031

Location: L10

Charcoal-Gray Sprigged Silk Ensemble
Charcoal-gray sprigged silk, white flower spriggs, two-piece dress

ID#: VC2004016

Location: H1

Black Shawl with Fringe and Pom-Pons
black shawl, shaped to shoulders, 4 rows of pom=poms, black fringe

ID#: VC2001229

Location: J2

Cream Wool Swing Coat
cream wool swing coat, lace on front, full sleeves

ID#: VC2001187

Location: F0

Brown Velvet Bodice with Sheer Sleeves
brown velvet bodice w/see through sleeves and embroidery + floral pattern; brown velvet bodice w/see through sleeves and embroidery + floral pattern brown velvet bodice, hook and eye CF closure added later on top of former hook and eye closure, fitted, pintucks at collar, brown velvet 'ribbons'looping around neck with golden brown silk embroidered…

ID#: VC2001166

Location: D10

Black Bodice with Lace Undersleeves
black bodice w/white lace undersleeves + ball decorations; black bodice w/white lace undersleeves + ball decorations -black silk jacket, chiffon overlayer, sheer netting overlayer with velour decoration, black lace with ball fringe top layer; black lace collar fluff with ball fringe, high crew neck; black pleated satin ribbon at waist with knot and…

ID#: VC2001162

Location: D10

Black Bodice with Orange Chiffon
black bodice w/beading @neck + orange silk chiffon at sleeves and neck; black bodice w/beading @neck + orange silk chiffon at sleeves and neck -black silk faille fitted bodice; modest mutton sleeves tapered to wrist, gathered around arm holes in front; center front button closures, buttons removed; black glass beads in flower shapes around collar…

ID#: VC2001161

Location: D10

Cream Lace Bodice
creamy lace long-sleeved bodice; 1. cream lace, cream linen, silk chiffon sleeve lining, silk bodice decorations; silk lace embroidery; cotton lining and waistband 2. creamy lace bodice, cream linen bodice, mutton/balloon shape sleeves, two balloon shapes make up the top of the sleeve, lace cuff on sleeve lined with silk chiffon, bodice itself is…

ID#: VC2001158

Location: D10

Pink Morning Robe with Lace Yoke

pink morning robe w/tiny cream polka dots, lace yoke and cuffs, small black velvet strip at hem and yoke; Pink silk with small cream polka dots; cream polished cotton; cream silk organza; quarter inch wide black silk velvet ribbon; cream cotton crocheted lace; cream cotton embellished netting; two metal hooks

Robe has square yoke, four inches…

ID#: VC2001154

Location: Q5

Chemise with Purple Ribbon

white sleeveless chemise w/purple ribbon, and ruffles. ; white sleeveless petticoat (?) w/purple stain ribbon . . . ?

Off-white (once-white?) sleeveless cotton petticoat with purple ribbon laced through mid-height round neckline. Ankle-length with ruffles, button and hook-and-eye closure down torso center front. Straight, natural waist and…

ID#: VC2001148

Location: G1

Black Velvet Capelet with Lavender Lining
black reversible velvet capelet w/lavendar lining and black beading

ID#: VC2001126

Location: BOX 13

Black Velvet Capelet
black velvet capelet

ID#: VC2001125

Location: BOX 13

Velvet Coat with Embroidered Trim
velvet coat

ID#: VC2001104

Location: BOX 15

Velvet Coat with Frogs and Lace
velvet coat w/frogs and cream lace at neck and sleeves

ID#: VC2001103

Location: BOX 15

Pink Capelet with Cream Lace
pink capelet

ID#: VC2001084

Location: C10

Black Silk Bodice with Smocking
black silk bodice with smocking; Black silk satin, metal zipper, decorative covered wooden buttons, black synthetic, cream grosgrain ribbon

Silhouette: bodice.

Band collar with three columns of smocking, smocking below collar across shoulders; full length leg-of-mutton sleeves, three lines of smocking down the sleeve, with ruching in between,…

ID#: VC2001077

Location: M4

Blue Velvet Coat with Fur Trim
blue velvet coat w/ fur trim and matching blue muff

ID#: VC2001061

Location: BOX 7