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Grey Taffeta Dolman
grey taffeta dolman, goes with pink and grey bustle dress

ID#: VC2001083


Small Spring Bustle Cage
Small wire bustle cage with 3 springs, with cotton chintz covering, cotton tape, and metal buckle closure.; bustle cage-3 metal coils and light brown cotton chintz covering: wiastband at cotton tape with 1 metal buckle closure; 3 vertical metal coils suspended from waistband at center bacl; tube covering of light brown chintz.

ID#: VC1992160

Location: A1

Small Wire Crescent Bustle Cage
Small bustle cage with 2 pieces of crescent shaped wire mesh held by cotton tape, with a metal buckle closure. Black braided wire and beige cotton tapes; waistband of cotton tabby weave tape with 1 buckle closure; 2 rolls of braided wire suspended from waistband by vertical loops of cotton and tabby weave tape; ends of wire enclosed in wider metal…

ID#: VC1992159

Location: A1

Wire Bustle Cage
Bustle (cage), of natural cotton muslin and twill tapes and metal wire bands: half-cylinder shape, with metal bands horizontally forming shape, suspended from vertical tapes; waistband of tape with adjustable buckle and hanging tabs; flat back of muslin, open down CB with grommets for laced closure; tape tabs hanging from lowest band of metal. A…

ID#: VC1992158

Location: A1

Wine Satin Skirt with Pleated Trim
merlot satin silk; brown polished cotton; brown linen; metal hook and eyes.; merlot satin silk; brown polished cotton; brown linen; metal hook and eyes. bustle skirt, floor length, merlot satin; two rows of box pleating at bottom, third top row of ornamental triangular pleats; cartridge pleats at CB waistband; more cartridge pleats 13.5'below…

ID#: VC1992143

Location: L2

Blue Print Bustle Bodice
dark blue silk print bodice

ID#: VC1992137

Location: B8

Black Silk Bodice with Self Stripe
black silk bodice with self stripe

ID#: VC1992134

Location: B5

Black Brocade Bodice
black brocade bodice with appliques and tassels

ID#: VC1992133

Location: B7

Black Bodice with Lapels and Patterned Inset
black bodice with front inset and cuffs of yellow with black applique

ID#: VC1992131

Location: B6

Bustle Ensemble of White Cotton and Blue Print
bustle ensemble of white cotton with blue print; white blue print cotton, white cotton lace trim Simulating 1870s silhouette front panels of skirt gathered into side seam;, back panels or skirt; pleated into side seams; short rounded slit at side seam of skirt;lace at collar, cuff and hem; eye (no hook); plastic buttons down front of bodice;…

ID#: VC1992117

Location: H2

Natural Linen Morning Gown
Bustle-style morning dress of ecru linen gauze, pink silk ribbon, rust silk ribbon, and cotton crocheted lace, composed of overdress and underskirt ; ecru linen gauze, pink silk ribbon, rust silk ribbon, cotton crocheted lace, Bustle-style morning dress a) overdress of gauze, lace + ribbon trim; lace collar w/ ribbon flower trim (modern trim);…

ID#: VC1992114

Location: H2

Beige Taffeta Skirt with Brown Trim
brown and beige thin stripe taffeta skirt

ID#: VC1992080

Location: C9

Gold Mesh Bodice over Silk
Gold mesh bodice over silk lining. Black velvet ribbon details.

ID#: VC1992070

Location: N4

Brownish Green Silk Bodice
Dark green silk bodice with brown velvet details. Yellowing lace on cuffs and neck. Ruffled edges on bottom.

ID#: VC1992068

Location: B7

Blue Rose Print Bodice
blue rose print bodice

ID#: VC1992062

Location: G3

Light Brown Satin Bodice
light brown satin bodice

ID#: VC1992057

Location: G4

Brown Wool and Velvet Bustle Ensemble

Side View of Brown Wool and Velvet Bustle Dress
Ensemble (day dress) of brown merino wool and velvet, with basque bodice and bustled skirt; bodice has standing velvet collar and velvet lapels, center front button closure with brown crochet covered buttons, 2 piece set in sleeve with velvet cuff, brown polished cotton lining, metal boning inserted in seams and finished with off-white hand…

ID#: VC1992008

Location: F6

Blue and white Stripe Day Ensemble
Blue and white Stripe taffeta Bustle Ensemble, 2 piece, bodice: fitted full length sleeves, skirt: full length with bustle; blue and white striped fine silk; blue silk; natural polished cotton; natural square weave linen; plastic button; beige synthetic hem tape; beige synthetic bias tape. silhouette: bustle A. bodice: princess seamed, striped…

ID#: VC1992007

Location: E10

Pingat Bustle Ensemble
Two piece bustle ensemble (dinner dress) of burgundy velvet and satin with repeated motif of red, gold, blue, and burgundy glass beads; bodice (a): basque bodice of burgundy velvet with center front button closure, square neckline trimmed with ivory lace, waist angled in front with pleated bustle in back, 3/4 length 2 piece sleeves with beaded…

ID#: VC1992004

Location: C7

Pink and Gray Bustle Ensemble

Front View of Pink and Gray Bustle Ensemble
Pale salmon and gray silk taffeta bustle ensemble, trimmed with pale salmon taffeta ruffles and white and gray tassel trim, swags, bustle, and train; fitted bodice with 3/4 sleeves, square neckline and triple button closure up front; skirt with fullness at back to accommodate bustle, train , pocket in right front of skirt.

ID#: VC1992001

Location: L5, L6

1879 Graduation Ensemble
Ivory ensemble of silk satin and lace with taffeta trim: basque bodice of ivory satin; fitted; with 3/4 length sleeves; lace ruffle trim at collar and down CF and cuffs. Skirt of ivory satin; panel of lace at front, fullness at back to accommodate bustle; attached bustle drape of satin and lace buttons over CB; slight trim. Cape of ivory satin;…

ID#: VC1984001

Location: F9