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Fashion and Fashion Plates (exhibition)

Action view of stabilization sewing on Royal Blue Silk Dress with Tails
An exhibition of selected garments (dating from 1836-1956) donated to the Vassar College Costume Collection. The exhibition took place in the Faculty Commons in the College Center at Vassar, from June 12-15, 2014.

ID#: Fashion and Fashion Plates (exhibition)


Black Satin Beaded Pleated Bodice with Pink Accents

Black satin bodice with beading, pleats, boning, full-length leg-o-mutton sleeves, high collar, pink accents on reverse of satin, lace at ends of sleeves, and shoulder ruffles.

ID#: VC2017006


Beige and Cream Embroidery Ensemble

Beige bodice and skirt that attach at the waist with cream flower embroidery and a pink and green sash and a separate lace collar. Cotton was used, bodice (a), has three quarter length sleeves, pleating on the sleeves and in the center front

ID#: VC2015012

Location: N12

Blue and White Striped Bodice

Cream and blue striped silk voile bodice (a) with matching cream and blue fichu (b), lace details, cotton or lawn lining, metal and boning; band collar neckline; fitted torso with natural waist and two back pleats; two piece sleeve with seams at top and bottom; green (once blue) taffeta at top sleeve, cuff, and arms-eye; lace detail at top arm seam…

ID#: VC2012065

Location: S4

Off-White Lace Bodice

Off-white silk gauze and lace blouse with metal snaps, hook-eye closure, and silk-covered buttons; button-up front to V-neck collar with beige trim; six snap closures at center front along with five decorative silk-colored buttons; fitted sleeves with possible cuff alteration; gathering at waist with hook-eye closure at center front; fagoting…

ID#: VC2012066

Location: S4

Camisole With Sage Green Silk Ribbon

Camisole was once white. Buttons down the front. Tank sleeves. Collar and armholes are trimmed with lace. Sage green silk ribbon inserted about the front and back collars of the camisole, so as to tie in the front.


ID#: VC2012048

Location: D12

The Vassar Girl's Lament


The Vassar Girl's Lament

We send the pigskin flying
Like a burnt-out shooting star,
As we play our games of football
Up here at old Vassar.
We chase across the gridiron,
We plan the rush and run.
But when the ball's kicked o'er the goal
The Vassar girl is done.

For her there are no plaudits,

No shout of victory,

ID#: DSC03957.JPG


Black Velvet Bodice
Fitted Black silk velvet bodice with tabbed and altered collar; green/brown cotton underlining , full-length 2-piece sleeve with gathers at shoulders, cream lace at cuffs (possible later addition), boning in cotton casing inside light blue silk lining with seams that have been clipped and bound, black silk inner waist tape with hook and eye…

ID#: VC2010003

Location: Deaccession Box

Black Embossed Velvet Bodice with Beading
; Black embossed velvet Bodice with collar and beaded sleeves Rounded sleeve cuffs with large beaded detail divided by ropey trim. Beaded detail echoes velvet embossing. High neckline (high collar, folded over). Thirteen beaded buttons down center front, possibly with wood base. Darts at waist. Tail in back, may have been taken in. Velvet embossing…

ID#: VC2010002

Location: O1

Cream Wedding Dress of Silk Moire and Wool

Two piece wedding dress of cream wool blend and silk moire with metal supports and closures. Bodice (a) of cream wool blend; boned; high-hip length; pointed waistline; two waist darts on each side in front; princess seams in back; lacing at center front; lining has hook and eye closures; juliet sleeves with puff at top and then straight; square…

ID#: VC2004032

Location: N8

Black Cape with Cut Velvet Flowers
black cape (short) with raised velvet flower pattern and trim

ID#: VC2001243

Location: Q11

Small Bustle of Striped Covered Coils
small bustle cage; cream cotton bias tape, wide plain weave cotton-possibly stiffened or treated, plain weave striped tan cotton with diagonal stripes, oatmeal cotton lace, wire coils, metal fasteners narrow bustle with 3 wire coils, 3 padded loafs; lace on edges and bottom of padded sections; fabric encasing each coil and stitched together in…

ID#: VC2001213

Location: A1

Full Length Bustle Cage (5)
Full length bustle cage of cotton tapes and wire.

ID#: VC2001212

Location: J

Full Length Bustle Cage (4)
Cotton tape and metal bustle cage; 27 metal rings attached to cotton with studs every inch; seven vertical bands of cotton tape; buckle center front waist; very wide weave of cotton tape center bottom; cotton tape has pattern of stripes and diamonds.

ID#: VC2001211

Location: E1

Full Length Bustle Cage (3)
full length bustle cage-3; Lower hoops suspended from belt and bustle by 1.5 inch vertical tape, lower hoops also connected to upper bustle with twill tape in criss-cross formation with rivets; width of both upper and lower hoops can be adjusted via lacing

ID#: VC2001205

Location: E1

Full Length Bustle Cage (2)
full length bustle cage-2

ID#: VC2001204

Location: E1

Bustle Cage
bustle cage

ID#: VC2001197

Location: E1

Full Length Bustle Cage
full length bustle cage-1

ID#: VC2001196

Location: E1

Linen Petticoat with Boned Bustle
tan linen petticoat w/boned bustle; Natural linen petticoat w/boned bustle, drawstring top, 3.5 inch ruffle along bottom

ID#: VC2001195

Location: E1

White Bodice with Pearls
Cream structured bodice with cream lace edging and glass pearls on cuffs. Collar unfinished. Button-down front; small piece of lace in baggie with bodice; cream silk, pearlescent beads, cream lace white bodice w/pearls at cuffs and collar - cream silk bodice, fitted, lace at center front; buttons down cf; 3/4 sleeves, small puff at shoulder,…

ID#: VC2001168

Location: N1

Blue Floral Bodice with Bustle
blue floral china silk bodice w/dk. blue velvet cuff, bustle cover. blue silk brocade with white and black flower; deep cobalt velvet; blue polished cotton lining; cotton tape fitted bustle polonaise blue velvet manderin-style collar, CF panels, hip band from edge of cener front panels to bustle, cuffs; fitted sleeves; front shaped with two…

ID#: VC2001165

Location: D10

White Bodice with Leg-o-Mutton Sleeves
Cream colored bodice with ribbon and lace decoration on the cuffs, down the front and next to the buttons that close the bodice, and on the front and back. The inside is padded and boned. ; white bodice

ID#: VC2001157

Location: L1

Navy Ensemble with White Polka Dots
Blue silk ensemble with white polka dots, with starched cotton(?) lining, solid navy blue silk, gray grosgrain ribbon, red velvet (synthetic), red velvet jacquard, starched white cotton lace, metal hook and eyes, elastic waistband ribbon, metal boning, fabric covered buttons ; Boned bodice (a) with 9 bones; buttons down center front, added red…

ID#: VC2001141

Location: P10

Burgundy Embroidered Mantle
Burgundy embroidered mantle with fringe hem. Silk velvet, silk. Burgundy silk velvet cape (a) is sleeveless, with button closures which are damaged and reinforced with hooks and eye closures down the front center, silk lining, fringe hem, and embroidery down the front center and the hem.

ID#: VC2001124

Location: P7

Crocheted Capelet with Tassels
taffeta and crocheted capelet with tassels

ID#: VC2001110

Location: BOX 13

Satin and Velvet Striped Capelet
Satin and Velvet Striped Capelet

ID#: VC2001109

Location: BOX 13

Wool Mantle with Burgundy Lining
wool mantle with burgundy lining

ID#: VC2001102

Location: BOX 15

Velvet Mantle with Standing Collar
mantle with velvet, standing collar, and tassles

ID#: VC2001099

Location: P6

Black Velvet Jacket
black velvet jacket

ID#: VC2001087

Location: P7

Black Mantle
black mantle with black lace trim and raised black floral pattern

ID#: VC2001085

Location: P6